New Defence Engineering School at St Athan

Are the Borden and Arborfield sites about to closed and sold off?


It says:
As part of the delivery of Defence Training Review, Metrix (contrators) is proposing that a new military Training Academy is built at St Athan, alongside the Aerospace Wales development. The Training Academy is to be called “St Athan Park” in recognition of the fact that the new development is based on the concept of a landscaped layout that incorporates significant open space. The development aims to be a major departure from the traditional military establishment, with a view to setting new high quality standards for a world-class training and teaching facility.

it later says:

Each courtyard will provide a separate entrance to the three faculties of the Training Academy, which are:
• Aeronautical Engineering (AE)
• Electromechanical Engineering (EME)
• Communications and Information Systems (CIS)
I sense it is a "proposal" only. There will be others. This in not a MOD decision. Unless anyone knows better?
I hope not. St Athan is a dump, not to mention it's bl00dy miles from everyone. At least Bordon is more central (ish).

It does have a rather nice (empty) hanger though...
Sorry, Fairly well detaled and I suggest advanced proposal that is clearly linked to Welsh re-generation/DTR and PPPs.

given the level of the proposal and the fact that Public Consultation has now passed we are at:
- May 2006 Public Consultation on the Development Brief
- July 2006 Final Development Brief considered by Council
- October 2006 Preferred Bidder Announcement by MoD
Also just noticed this:
The St. Athan Draft Development Brief was approved by Council in July 2006.
The Brief:

Outlines the proposals behind the Defence Training Review (DTR) bid for new military training facilities, which have been submitted by Metrix to the MOD;
Confirms the relationship of the Training Academy and Aerospace Wales proposals on the St. Athan site;
There have been rumours of HMS SULTAN closing down for the past six months. Nice large piece of real estate for them to build on.
I don't know about Sultan closing (it may do as far as the Navy is concerned, both the Army and the RAF do some training in there now) , but the AE community feel that ST Athan is likely to be their new home.
The bids have been in for the new Training Establishments for a number of years now. The main factor that procludes each and every one is lacks of funds.
The difference with St Athan is that the Welsh Development Agency (WDA) have stated they are willing to build the new site as part of the program of re-generation in South Wales. The MOD are now in a position to move all their training facilities to Wales and pay very little for the privilage.

Maybe the money saved can be diverted to sort out our undermanning and retention problems - but I doubt it!!!!!
The dit I heard is that it is impractical for the Army to regularly bring heavy plant such as tank carriers (correct term?) and the like in and out of Sultan without upgrading the A32, which just ain't gonna happen.
OM13 said:
I hope the Kebab Van is moving there as well

I don't think REME would move if it didn't! 8O

:D :D :D

Edited to add: Probably find it as they unpack an iso container at St Athan, isn't it on the SEME Equipment Table? 8)
PompeySailor said:
There have been rumours of HMS SULTAN closing down for the past six months. Nice large piece of real estate for them to build on.
The infrastructure at Sultan could not support the large number of families that would need to be accommodated there. the roads are not capable of the increased traffic that would be generated if they commuted daily from other MQs
Gosport aint a goer, Matelots and Crab Air will not send their ickle apprentices to Bordon either esp with Club Sad/501's/Oasis out of bounds!
(DLO goes to Brissel soon which is a bit closer to St Athan too).
Wales are gonna do it on the cheap for us so the only Bods stopping in Bordon are the Reeachy Meeches/Dvr Trg there aint a better training area to pull simcases out of and the mongs who live here are used to 432's rattling around by now.
Its elementary my dear Watson, now pass me the Opium pipe whilst i tot up how much the bloody toll bridge is gonna cost me for the rest of my career.
Being slightly closer to rumour control, I wouldn't be buying any houses at any of the sites quite yet. Trust me, when I know, I'll let you know after I've bought my gaff!!!!

The real factor is affordability - can we actually pay for any of the bids being proposed. I would not count on moving out of Bordon or Arborfield for another couple of years at least. What you will probably find is that there will another "fudged" solution, as we can't afford the gold plated solution we want. Arborfield is not worth much on the civvy market, as the infrastructure is not there (much like Gosport), in terms of roads, surgeries, schools etc, so the local councils will be expecting developers to stump up the costs of putting some of that in, while the councils will be having to fork out for widening roads, putting in new public transport etc.

So, in short, it's still a long way off, even with a decision being announced in Oct/Nov this year.
There are two bids under consideration. RAF Cosford and MOD St Athan.
I do not think Cosford is as advanced or as well resourced as St Athan. there is a real determination to regenerate the area. I believe that all the remaing driver training currently lhappening in Bordon will be moved to the existing Defence Driver Training School at Leconfield. This will leave bordon free for sale.

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