New Defence Academy Course List Published

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As seen on email, best get your bids in quick!

Defence Academy Training Courses 10/11

These new courses are available now each one designed to build on the DE&S Values and Staff Development Aims of the Bonus System

These courses can be booked though HRMS or your TLO and count towards your 6+4 training plan.

Personal Development Courses

  • D110 Creative Suffering
  • D120 Overcoming Peace of Mind
  • D130 Ego Gratification through Non Violence
  • D140 Whine Your Way to Alienation
  • D150 Creep Your Way to Promotion
  • D160 Feigning Knowledge – (A Career Advancement Strategy)
  • D170 Carrying Paper Whilst Walking Briskly
  • D180 Keeping Facts Out of the Management Structure
  • D190 Effective Stupidity
  • D200 Discovering Clockwatching
  • D210 How to Appear Interested (Pre-Requisite to D160)
  • D220 How to Create Problems
  • D230 Planning Without Forethought (B’s & SCS)
  • D245 Dumb Insolence – A Practitioners Guide
  • D250 Speed Reading Without Comprehension
  • D260 Agreeing With the Boss - (Includes practical exercises in nodding with an
  • Understanding Look and Fake Laughter at the Bosses Jokes)

Business and Career Development Courses
  • C115 Mis-Understanding Abbreviations – A Beginners Guide
  • C125 Prominence Through Under Achievements
  • C135 Making Purchases With Someone Else’s GPC
  • C145 Instilling Panic in Others – (To be taken in conjunction with D230)
  • C155 or C159 Indecision – Which Way Now?- (Please be sure to book appropriate
  • course to your grade)
  • C165 Backstabbing – An Introduction

  • E177 It Was’t me! – (A Guide to Blame)
  • E186 Cover My Back – (How to Drag Friends in on Your Mistakes)
  • E189 I’m Sick – (How to Call in With a Croaky Voice)
  • E193 It’s Not My Job! - (An Introduction in How to Get Others to do Your Work)

Heath and Safety Courses
  • H217 How to De-Dandruff Your Keyboard
  • H250 Developing Eyestrain
  • H350 How to Continue to Lift Incorrectly – (Annual requirement & Pre-Requisite to
  • H422 )
  • H422 Industrial Injury – The Way to Long Term Leave with Pay
  • H501 How to De-Frost the Office Fridge


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