New Daysack Prototype feedback

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. We were recently asked by a rather specialist supplier to produce a grip for a rather special client...

    Well if you're a spotter, you might be able to guess the influence but this is on purpose as we had a firm set of guidelines to work too.

    What we are after, is feedback on the details etc. I understand you are limited to the crap photos but do you have any views? Just to add finally... One of the limiting factors was weight, so we limited extra pockets etc.....









    Removable Med. Pack attached
  2. If it includes the dog, I'd buy one regardless of the cost.
  3. :) That can be arranged (the bleeding thing dances and sings!!!!) but my kids might have something to say about it!
  4. Medic or E&E pouch ..........

    Looks good. Although some kind of different and perhaps less abrasive and more wicking material against the back would be an imporvement IMVHO. Also, fastex quick-release buckles on shoulder straps ...... ?

    Could I buy one without the medic pack or attached top pocket ????? Minimalist I like !

    Of course, if you want to fire one over to me to trial .......... ;-)

  5. Never a fan of any piece of kit that has the potential for a single point of failure, and only having one buckle looks like one to me. Granted it does aid speed of access to the contents so I guess there's a trade-off there.
  6. DBL...

    I'm exactly the same mate!!!! I prefer two securing points as you can also store more under the lid etc... BUT this is a main feature that was requested by people that know specifically what they require. I have and will mention this again... Just the feedback we're looking for :)
  7. On that principle you'd want extra shoulder straps in case one breaks on each side ! ;-) And perhaps extra hip belts ? ;-)

    The single lid closure strap is the least likely of all the straps on that ruck to break. The load is on the shoulder straps but we never want built -in redundancy there ..................
  8. How about making the single strap 40mm instead of 25mm? Can you still fire in the prone position whilst wearing a helmet? I also like the minimalist approach to Molle straps. So since that's a trial have my address!
  9. My bold ...... that's why I was asking for one without the top pouch & pocket :) 40mm for the 25mm - a good call.

  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't tell me you've cut up an MTP bootlace to dangle off the zips.

    On a sensible note. With the single strap on the back. If you leave a big enough loop where the buckle is attached to the lid then if the buckle fails you can feed the strap through the loop. I've had to do this with an issue bergan.

    I would also want some method of attaching a hydration system.
  11. One of the main features of the pack is the massive clearance for firing in the prone with body armour etc...

    I personally made the call re. the 25mm but we were 50:50 on going larger as we use it on another of our packs?

    B_All as for hydration... there's a pocket inside that will hold any system and we only ever use official Multicam Para cord lol
  12. I imagine, if you've made the shoulder straps long enough to be worn over BA, that some way of keeping the spare strap length tucked away when wearing not with BA would be handy too. Especially as some 'certain' troops being bullet-proof, won't wear it with BA :) LBT's method would be the ideal.

    So, what will the retail be then ? ;-)

  13. Looks good. From a civvy use POV my main concern would be the seam on the back where the dark wedge (re-inforcement?wicking fabric?) ends, and whether it would rub. Maybe take that higher?

    Other random suggestions - Personal likes on hiking daysacs have been a slot between wicking layer and main body of sack to slide a bit of karrimat in, which pads the back when there's hard gear inside and for sitting/laying on on hard/wet ground, without delving inside the bag. plus the grab handle on top with a bit of soft plastic tubing threaded onto it, to make it easier to grab and more comfy to carry.
  14. Cheers for the comments:


    Straps long enough for armour (tested on Osprey and Interceptor). Not sure on the excess straps but you could always use web dominators? We'll look at that.. ;) Oh and all "them" we know where armour too these days...

    Civvy Pete...

    I hear what your saying re. the patch of material on the back... We are planning to field test the pack over the weekend so I'll let you know (I'm tempted to take off completely). As you rightly point out, this is a civvy influenced design but stripped down as much as possible for Mil use. I like the little touch of the tubing on the handle but for this application would probably not be appropraite BUT we will look at that for other packs ;)
  15. Got to say that the shoulder straps look nice and wide and I like the sloped lid pocket for getting prone. Long drag loop is a good idea as well.

    Skinny straps are definitely a big deal with the NI and most of the others I've tried (Arktis especially) when you're carrying link in hernia-inducing quantities!

    Difficult to judge the size - any chance of including something in pics for scale?