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"With live coverage of PMQs. Education secretary Damian Hinds, shadow business minister Laura Pidcock, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Brexit Party candidate and former Loaded editor Martin Daubney and The Spectator’s deputy political editor, Katy Balls join Jo Coburn to discuss Brexit, the European elections and Theresa May."

Layla Moran did her best to talk over Daubney who eventually had to ask if a leaver could speak. Katy Balls had a couple of opportunities to speak, her calm demeanour a welcome respite from Moran, Lucas and Cole hounding Daubney. She thought it unfortunate that The Brexit Party have banned Channel 4 from their rallies. That matter has since been resolved with Ch4 now understanding security concerns and assuring that the offending behaviour will not be repeated. Interesting that Conservative and Labour MPs after the Lib Dem and the Green. This reflects a YouGov poll. Pidock very presentable - very anti-tory. Hinds waffling. Signal to noise ratio was poor today.

Laura K advised that the Pizza club, Brexit leaning MPs, were now discussing the situation. It's not so much the policy but the policy messenger. There is talk that it is vanishingly unlikely that PMTM will be in place to present the proposed deal. Corbyn's attack was on austerity impact on Education. Blackford on the new deal. "Ignoring reality", "Her time is up". Very robust responses from PMTM.

Iain Duncan Smith stood and asked about justice and fairness for N.I. veterans. He mentioned the torture, murder and disappearance of his friend Robert Nairac. PMTM was more subdued and seemed vulnerable at this point. Bradley is working on a cross party mechanism to deal with the inherent bias against armed forces and police.

Back at the studio, Pidock attacking tories for homelessness and poverty. Jo asked wasn't it their fault ie ineffective opposition. Laura says this is the most dangerous time for the PM she has seen and won't be surprised if moves are afoot by Monday. In the HoC May read out her statement. Response from Corbyn wanting a General Election again. Blackford Scotland being ignored. She had no problem rebuffing those robustly. Redwood. Cash. Signs of wobbling but regained confidence. Support from Labour's Caroline Flint.
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Clare Fox, Owen Jones, Sophie Jarvis (Evening Standard), Ken Clarke, Laura K
Owen Jones getting too much talk time already. Thankfully Jo managing to control him now.
Laura has nipped off and Mark Francois has joined the panel at 12:30
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Jones really is a t**t. Only he could turn a question about PMTM's resignation into a rant about food banks.

Just been for a nosy and it's still there on his FB post. I s'pose you've got to admit some props to him, albeit grudgingly, for letting criticism and abuse stand. As soon as Onansanya was back online all the critical, "please resign," and mickey-taking comments about being a jailbird were removed.
Jones really is a t**t. Only he could turn a question about PMTM's resignation into a rant about food banks.
Can it be arranged for him to use a Parisian under-pass?!
Just listened to Dominic Raab on the Marr show

liked what he said, even Doris stopped what she was doing and watched it with interest
Brexit Party MEP Lucy Harris and Lib Dem MEP Luisa Porritt join Jo Coburn along with The Daily Mirror’s political editor Pippa Crerar and political scientist and commentator Matthew Goodwin to discuss the Tory leadership contest and Donald Trump’s visit.

I nearly switched off until Nigel Evan's made an appearance and some great comments and retorts to Lib Dem whingefest etc. After he left an American Sarah Elliot took over and as with Matthew and Nigel, rightly pointing out the irony of Khan calling Trump a fascist on 75th anniversary of D-day. Matthew pointing out hypocrisy of Labour's position on favouring autocratic dictatorships and Lib Dems on intolerance and democracy. Rupa Huq on camera on why Trump is so awful and Corbyn is so wonderful. Lib Dem interrupting Lucy and saying UK can't negotiate with USA on it's own, outwith a bloc.

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On tonights news:-

" blah!blah!blah! the president called Sadiq Khan a loser in a tweet, not diplomatic blah blah blah"

no mention of the mayor of Londonistan calling him out as a fascist !
All the programs, movies and everything else the BBC owns - is owned by the Licence Payer. The BBC should be scrapped and all the assets sold off with the money going back to the people that have paid a licence over the years. The BBC then should be subscription only with encryption based tech that it has paid for by itself, and all program's and movies it make should be privately funded. The people (left wing - woofters), can pay for it - if they want to watch it. The rest of us can stick to Netflix/Youtube/Amazon Prime & TV that's funded by advertisements - or by actually making and selling good TV shows such as Game Of Thrones or whatever.
As you say though, a general omission of context in reporting:
But was it the presenter or a guest that brought them up?
A couple of guests mentioned it. I thought Jo mentioned it to give the context but there was a fair bit of yapping and attempts to set "a narrative" agreeing with Khan. I was also thinking at the time about whether I should pack the telly away and cancel my TV licence after the last episode of This Week.
Anyone that makes Khan get his Alan's in a knot is alright in my book!

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