New Daily Mail Headline!

A new headline has been announced by the Daily Mail, but it’s being kept under wraps until it’s hysterically suggestive enough. “It’s absolutely explosive!,“ an Army bomb disposal expert told us when we asked him about Semtex. More Muslims.

Even before the headline has been announced our reporters report that there are reports of reported reportage, probably or maybe involving so-called “travellers” heading to set up camp in your hard working plant pots! It’s well known, although there isn’t any evidence, that such travellers eat the hard working children of hard working tax payers! And the hard working retired! Big Mosques!

If more proof be proof be need be then the EU is imagined to be giving them all of our hard working money! Islamic twats!

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Natural law means a marriage of a man and a woman. Henry the Eighth married England to Scotland, not Adam and Steve! That’s the problem with your Muslim, he just wants to extreme everything to bits!

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I’m a teacher and massive lesbian gay and I think we should have sex with radical Muslims, be they male, female or mineral.

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As a scientist, I’m as sure as I can be that imminent and catastrophic global warming, which doesn’t exist, is due to immigration. Mostly by Muslamics.

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I may be a grandmother of 37, but I’m still only 29 and really up for it if you are willing LOL and have spent the kids dinner money phoning to vote for The Dance ‘n’ Pout Paedophile Babes on X-Factor.

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