New CWGC cemetary to be opened at Fromelles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invicta, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are to open a new cemetary for the estimated 400 British and Australian soldiers who's remains were unearthed at Pheasants Wood near Fromelles in northern France in May this year. They were killed in action during an especially bloody attack designed to divert the attention of German reinforcements from the main Somme offensive in July 1916.

    Each burial will be accompanied by full military honours, though the CWGC has yet to announce when exhumation will begin. It is likely that the time devoted to attempting to identify the dead will further push back the dates for individual funerals.

    Here's the link:

    RIP to all of them, wherever they are from.
  2. Good luck to them. Glad they're going to go to the effort of doing it.
  3. CWGC do a great job.

    Recently they replaced a long standing gravestone near Portsmouth for a dinky-doo (22nd Dragoons) who'd been buried in error as a Westminster Dragoon.

    They seem to do a heck of a lot with very little funds. My hat off to them.
  4. and how many of our glorious leaders will turn up to hi-jack the dedication.
  5. Seconded. Their site says that they got in excess of £35m for the last reported FY (04/05), which doesn't seem much at all when you consider the thousands of cemeteries and 1.7m graves they maintain (or at least try to) so immaculately. Well done indeed.
  6. There will be a ceremony in July were the last coffin (of an unknown soldier) will be taken from the mass grave to FROMELLES Cemetery carried on a 1917 GS Wagon on which will be current serving soldiers from the UK and Australia.