New Crab TV Advert!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wee_face, Jan 14, 2004.

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  1. Have you seen it??!! They do ask for it don't they, the RAF should cringe at their latest recruiting drive!

    What kind of message are they passing on to future crabs? We all know the aircrew are worse than this already, but this just encourages the ground crew to wimp out too. All I can say is thank god the aircraft are no longer made of wood otherwise we would never get anywhere! (Its bad enough that the helos are made of paper (they must be, why can't they fly in the rain?))
    The RAF Reg should have their shovels taken off them to lower casualty rates!! :roll:
  2. The RAF are indeed cringeing at the advert in question!

    Regrettably, I understand that the next one in the series is just as bad!

    M2 :oops:
  3. Don't tell me, he works in an office and gets a paper cut!

    (45,000 bods in the RAF and only 4500 aircrew, what do the other 40,500 do??)
  4. Well we don't wander round garrison towns battering the snot out of anyone not wearing our regimental t-shirt! How can Army say we should not have shovels for the RAF Regt lads? Pot. Kettle. Over.
    We do a job. We don't spend all our time training to do it - we do it every day. Aircraft are technically advanced pieces of equipment and needs lots of loving care and attention. We are good at it, hence why the numbers are as they are. Hence why the Apache would be flying if it had not been given to the Brown Jobs.
    We are also chatting up the top totty in the higher class bars instead of battering our best mate in the NAAFI. :D
  5. M_C_H, as you are obviously unaware, shovels are made with wooden shafts and as a result, cause splinters, something you crabs cannot cope with. If you would like me to explain anything else about kit that you don't understand as you have never used it, just ask. :lol:

    When you say top totty you are also refering to the soap dodging student types with whom the RAF seem to surround themselves, as they have the same level of maturity. 8)
  6. Wee chap.

    Quite right. I did rather well at school and do not have to resort to manual labour in order to get paid. Hence not knowing the difference between an entrenching tool and a shovel.

    We check in - not dig in. Any fool can be uncomfortable.

    The field. Either a rather spiffing magazine, although full of Cav Officer types, or the unkempt area behind the patio. Trenches? Are we planting vegetables or something?

    Soap dodging student types? Ooohh noooo. University of Life chap meself. Prefer the well bred filly sort - tattoos spelled correctly and NOT wearing a Regt sweatshirt with baby puke down one sleeve!

    Waiter! Another couple of large G&Ts please - oh - and a bottle of Buckie for the Wee chap with his face pressed against the window! Put them on my room, please.
  7. Fcuck off back to PPRUNE you brylcream wearing, pants non-ferocious sporting sad excuse for a man.
  8. I'm just waiting for the TA to get done by advertising standards over its new adverts.
  9. Very good question Wee Face! Apparently a survey of world airforces shows that the RAF has more personnel per aircraft than any other airforce in the world by miles!
  10. Seems to me that MCH is confusing his idea that crabs 'don't rough it' with the truth.... they just can't hack it. You may have thought you joined the military but no.... you ended up in the RAF!
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Which one?

  12. Sports.
  13. They should be done by the Police.....for obtaining money by deception.
  14. MCH,

    Does this mean that Dorothy Perkins are now the new supplier of a daring new range of Avant-Garde Parkas and drainpipe troosers to CrabAir?