New Cpls in the Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by no1cares, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Well done to everyone that came off the LCpl/Cpl promotion board. Anyone who didn't, better luck next year and keep sweeping.
  2. is it still all about regimental sport or have they started promoting on trade/military/leadership ability?

    Mind, that'd set a dangerous precedent - might have to get some officers in with those attributes...

  3. Well, that just about sums our glorious corps attitude to junior ranks. Thank fcuk I,m out of it !!

  4. The truth hurts i suppose..........and who's to say i'm not a junior rank???
  5. Ha it's so totally true!!
  6. Well finally i've come off. So miracles do happen.
    Does anyone know when the results are put up on armynet as i want to see who else has come off thanks.
  7. If it is anything like the cpl to sgt board it will take at least a week.
  8. MCM are not allowed to upload onto Armynet till after the results have gone public. I believe they only upload once a week.
  9. Ho ho ho, brilliant!!! - your comments reflect a certain mark of genius :D :D And your signature too.... hilarious :lol: Quick, call a Medic - my sides need stitching.....
  10. Fatty of the regiment eh? Couldn't pass a BFT?? Seen your type before - excellent at your job (supposedly) but can't deploy cos your a biff with no spine. Thanks for your input...........but go back to the butty wagon.
  11. 8 minute bft thanks. In boots, youngster.

    Deployed rather a lot.

    You one of those office politics types - not too hot at mil skills, average at trade, good at shmoozing the report writer, great at backstabbing?
  12. Is there any need to be such a c0ck. Your one of the reasons why Signals get such a bad name in regards to bitching about each other. Instead of throwing insults people try working together and praise each other. Fun insults okay, but not direct insults.

    (And before you say anything no1cares, I pass my BFT easily, I have done numerous op tours with medals to show for it, and I don't like insults being thrown at others for no reason but to be bitter and twisted)
  13. Thats me!!! HAHA
  14. I think his/her input about promotion being about regimental sport was rather pathetic. Anyone who could be a regi player for whatever sport and are good at their trades earn promotion over those who don't play sports.
  15. To be fair anyone that does something that the second reporting officer can write about that marks them out from their peers is probably half way there to being promoted. If you think you're a good operator and do very little else then think ceiling of about Corporal, if you're lucky.