New course to improve understanding of mil & veteran mental health

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This September, Anglia Ruskin University will begin the very first run of their brand new MSc in Military and Veterans Mental Health. The course is targeted at NHS and Charitable Sector mental health practitioners who are increasingly coming into contact with veterans and at those working, in uniform or as civilians, with military mental health patients.

Year One (PG Cert) core modules

Module 1: Military Life and Experience

Module 2: Transition and the Veteran Experience

Year Two (PG Dip) core modules

Module 3: Military and Veteran Mental Health, Social Care and Welfare - Part 1

Module 4: Military and Veteran Mental Health, Social Care and Welfare - Part 2

Year Three ( Masters) core modules

Module 5: Research Studies

Module 6: Postgraduate Major Project

The course is run by ex-military mental health professionals, led by former Head of Defence Psychology, Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes. Content delivery will come from a mix of subject matter experts from across the field of study via both online and face-to-face teaching. Most of the first year (the Post Grad Cert element) will be delivered online, with more face-to-face sessions in year two. Taught content in year three will equip students for undertaking a research-based project on an area of interest and/or concern in relation to military and veterans’ mental health.

For more info, follow this link

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