New Countryside Organisation - NOBs!

I have started a new Organisation for Beaters and Pickers Up (National Organisation for Beaters and Pickers Up (NOBS) (its a shooting thing!) .
We are helping to get people out into the Countryside, encourgage the youngsters. I started it about 4 months ago, we have had over 19,000 hits and registered over 3,000 people! Lots of Military and Ex Military as well :lol:
Registration is free, Vinnie Jones is the President! It's ideal for the military because it puts people in contact with their local shoot, so you can get out for a walk yourself or even better work the dogs!
Please do check it out and always glad of feedback 8) :?
:lol: :lol:


Passed it on to a pal who organises beaters. :)

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