NEW Corps Sergeant Major

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Yes, I think he will be great

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  2. No, I think he is a t**t

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  3. Not bothered really, he has no effect on me

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  1. Is it true what I have heard, has this man got the position of CSM. What a great move by the Corps then, as long as he is steered well clear of the amber nectar. Good luck on next years 50th and the duties at Buck House with that idiot in charge
  2. SF,

    Personally I think that it is you who may not be up to the job.

    If you have views on whether a serving soldier is up to the job or not then I suggest you keep them to yourself, or within your circle of friends. Criticising serving soldiers in such an open forum brings absolutely no benefit, but is extremely corrosive.

  3. Hear, hear p-a-w. Perhaps it is you, Sam, who should be steering clear of the amber nectar. Personal attacks on serving members are below the belt.
  4. SF, I would be suprised if he didn't know who you are.

    Have you spoken to him face to face and asked him the same question?
  5. He is the only one who could have filled the job and keep the respect of the serving chaps! he'll just have to have two beers instead of three!

    Good luck!
  6. Good Luck indeed.

    He will have no dramas.
  7. Gentlemen,

    As someone who is serving with the new Corps SM at the present, i can assure you he will only have the Corps best interests at heart. If his current job is anything to go by he will do an outstanding job.
  8. He's as mad as a brush and a god awful signaller...... hats off to the fella, I've always liked him
  9. I am big enough to admit it then maybe I have got the guy wrong. To one and all I apologise if i have offended you all. Sorry....but I thought the other guy would have been a lot better
  10. You mean that in your opinion the previous choice would have been a better choice, Sam?

    I was going to edit to make it 'alleged', but the crime was proven.
  11. What are they going to do with the now defunct creche that was built in anticipation next to the CSMs office?

  12. M'Lud, harsh.
  13. Or indeed the special internet account!
  14. Fellas,

    Has this subject not been done to death by now, lets just forget it and get on with pushing the Corps in the right direction, because lets face it, it needs a lot of help at the moment. and its only with the support of all will it survive in any form that we will recognise as ARMY and not too close to the Crab way of life.