New Corps RSM

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Abandon_Ship!, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. A hearty welcome to you Sir! Look forward to seeing you on your "Tour of The Corps".

    I'm sure that most Mess Members would welcome an early forecast of events for the Central Mess Calendar.

  2. Got to be a bite ?????
  3. Have all of HQ DRLC signed up to ARRSE this week, Polly and now this!
  4. Snivelling git! :)
  5. Today I was told that the new stick man read this page.

    Shame he doesn't have a log on though as it would annoy the feck out of my higher command who recently wanted to have a witch hunt.

    Q. If you are a RSM in a minor unit you get low band pay, major unit, high band pay. What do you get as Corps RSM? No LOA anyway - enjoy Blackdown.
  6. I think your higher command may well get a tad annoyed then :) :twisted:
  7. Ah the things i miss.....actually no!
  8. Nice avatar! :D
  9. Could anyone explain to me what the Corps RSM actually does, preferably in a non-cynical, way as I genuinely don't know?
  10. I think you may find he's in the same boat, having been in post a couple of weeks. Your best bet is wait 6 weeks, pick up the phone and ring him or email him on an RLI system. He might well be 20 Stone of Prop Forward, however as far as I know he dosen't bite. Ask him a serious question and you'll get a serious answer.
  11. This would suggest then that the last one also did not know what he was supposed to be doing. :wink:
  12. You might have a point there :lol:
  13. Clearly a man with too much time on his hands if the Army v Navy Blazer and Tie thread is anything to go by.

    Incidentally, he could get to a bigger audience by using ARRSE. I have never seen a letter, missive or even a post it from Deepcut here in the land of LOA (that includes Corps Mess shindigs).
  14. Well, DRLC actually advertises ARRSE, so if the Corps RSM doesn't use it, I suspect he soon will.

    Not really sure what any of the Corps RSMs actually do as a day to day job - I'd like to think they have the ear of their respective Directors and as such are in a position to be honest and tell him/her what will and won't work.

    The Corps RSMs should be getting feedback from the Unit RSMs and feeding that information, together with what they glean when they wander around the units with their Director, back up the chain.

    Personally I think it'd be quite an interesting job - they don't have the niffnaffandtriv of a working unit to worry about, and can spend time thinking about Corps wide issues, and using the network they've built up over the past 20 or so years to try and make their vision happen, especially in the SNCO world.