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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, May 15, 2005.

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  1. So who is going to be the new Corps RSM then, seeing as the replacement has turned the job down. The latest on the grapevine is that there aren't any groundies up to the job so a certain WO1 Pilot will do it. Currently based in 3, not doing an Apache course and his surname is ........a name of a famous Beartrix Potter character.
  2. Eh, Not Jimmima Puddleduck by any chance.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????.
  3. I'll do it....cant be that difficult???
  4. And..the problem is?

    Best person for the job, should be the criteria. Pilot or not 8)
  5. If the outgoing one was upto the job then there is plantlife in a solarium near you capable of fulfillign the role.

    The current Corps RSM is in my opinion a buttmunch.

    Rumour control this side of the fence has the name 'Freeway' on the tips of our tongues.... Or let Muttley do it
  6. MDN, your guess was incorrect...the person your on about is jumping ship so to speak.
  7. Maybe that hard arse KS should do it. He would really shake the Corps up
  8. Infact just do away with the groundies and fill all the jobs with multi tasking aircrew!!!!!!!!
  9. Knobeye!
  10. The problem with Aircrew, especially Lynx jocks, will be fighting over who will fly next. Or who is going to run the next Mess do, as they will be running out of hours soon.
  11. would anyone mind if i offered a name??????
  12. ok, i know that spongebob is already orging his qtr/ bye
  13. My last tip for RSM HAS BEEN SHELVED. The pilot cannot now do it as he has been told he has to be the unoit IO Officer so he isn't to happy. He had his boots bulled and his stick on order....
  14. Sam, did that person have a name similar to yours?
  15. i believe so yes