New Corp TA Regiment ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Adolf, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. One has just been reading with great hilarity the AAC Badge Backing thread with a young pretender hoping to resolve a small problem of his head dress missing an item.
    He mentioned that his TA unit is on the verge of changing over to the mighty Corp. Is this true and what will be there role ?

    Not sure if the chap has the cut and thrust qualities ,or even the initiative required of a bowser mong.

    Will indeed the TA even have Bowsers or mongs ?
  2. All very true, 6 Regt AAC will be based at Bury St Edmunds and personnel will be trained in one of the groundcrew disciplines in order to supplement Units deployed on ops. They are currently in the process of removing RA berets and replacing them with AAC ones.

    With regard to his Beret, he will learn I'm sure. At least it shows he's keen!
  3. There is a Detachment at Swaffham in Norfolk too.

    We have been setup to man extra farps on Ops. Thats as much as we have been told.
  4. We have been setup to man extra farps on Ops. Thats as much as we have been told.[/quote]

    Don't forget that a lot of the original AAC were RA so many of the customs and traditions are the same - particularly that helos should be paid the same respects as your guns. So don't forget to salute (whatever the rank of the captain of the aircraft) on startup and landing. In 1 Regt in the 80s the tradition was that we ALWAYS saluted the aircraft in the hangar at first parade in the morning
  5. Introducing terms unheard of in the Corps to the TA. - - - Might work I S'pose
  6. I have just spent two weeks away on Ex H** A** with 664 and 672, observing the AAC way of working.

    I think the TA has alot of work to do to get up to speed on FARP's etc. - probably needs more Man Training Days than the average reservist can spare in any one year, leaving aside the need to maintain currency on skills that have been learned. I'm sure we'll give it a good go, though.

  7. We will be upto speed as quickly as humanly possible.

    We are looking forward to working with more than just 3 guys on exercises etc. We need to get lots of peeps through the door.
  8. Well Frog Prince I can understand your enthusiasm and wish you the very best of luck. Please bear in mind that not only serving Corps members but also the many ex-serving members will be watching very closely. As for 3uniforms, which planet was that then? I spent more than a few days in the Corps and can assure you that I never saluted a bloody "helo" and the only "first parade" for me was green & black and called a "Rover"! Mind you I left Hildesheim in 81 for the delights of Omagh so madness may have crept in after I left!
  9. I rather hoped that we would hear of lots of TA teds running aroung saluting skywards or at least asking their PSIs if it was true. Too subtle a wind up I guess
  10. Congratulations to the boys and girls of the former 202 on a fine performance at their freedom/ farewell parade to the Royal regiment. All the best in you new role as 677 Sgn.
  11. God help us !!!!!!
  12. 3uniforms: clearly your wind-up was far too subtle for me, must be losing it! (many will say I never had it in the first place).
  13. Thanks very much. I think I lost a least 3lbs from sweating so much. We were even on the local news last night which was cool :D

    Anyone got any pics of us can you pm me so I can get copies please?