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New cook book

Clearly going to be buying that for my brother this chrimbo. :D

Is this an acceptable thing to buy wife/girlfriend? Damn good excuse to have it extracted if you ask me
It was always on duty cooks detail to have a good tug into the 6 gallons of brown sauce(espagnole)
Reviews are worth a read through.

MND perhaps?

I've been bashing the bishop for as long as I can remember and not once did I consider power of the edible fun potential there was to be had with my jizz candy.

I'm so inspired that I might just go home right now and whack one out into a frying pan! The recipe ideas are endless. Tonight's freshly unloaded meal for two starts with Spaff Jizzcuit followed by a spicy Jerk-off Chicken ending nicely with hot toasted cumpets all washed down with smoothman hand shandy mmm, mmm, mmm - deeeelicious.

Happy Tugging!
Does it have the recipe for jacking off into a senior Officers egg banjo on a shitey armoured div exercise? If so, i'm in.
At least you know it's organic.

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