New Conservative Leader for Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Nov 4, 2011.

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  3. Fraser****ed himself over by wanting to split from the Sassenach mob
  4. An Ex BBC news radio and sometimes TV type, tried about 10 years ago to become a TA officer through 51 Brigade RTC OTW if my memory serves correct she was going for the RE(v)
    failed due to ****ing her back up during main board......
  5. Does indeed drink from the furry cup , although I would like to think she could play a mean tune on the big pink oboe !
  6. Well if the tales were true within the course....She did !
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  7. Ex 32 Sigs. Known while with the BBC for asking some of the most Bone questions ever heard on radio or TV. Comes over as very simplistic in her thinking.

    Great news for the SNP, Wee Eck and the team will run rings around her. ;-)
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  8. Alas the muckrakers of the NOTW and the Sunday Sport, are unable to provide proof.

    She does have that gopher look from caddyshack.
  9. Yep, yer right it was Sigs not RE..... and Her politics were just a Tad right of old Adolf.... nice lassie to talk too...
  10. Not that they really need the help at the minute
  11. Dear God, is that really the best they can come up with? Not so long ago they were producing the likes of Malcolm Rifkind, Teddy Taylor and Nicky Fairbairn. Now it's a wee, smarmy,hectoring, know-all, pain-in the arse tennis fan. The odds on independence within the next decade have just shortened considerably.