New computer, your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by swanseasa1, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. Right, getting a new computer for xmas, basically for gaming, ive built a custom pc on and was just wondering if its a good choice and if it will play games like Arma, Crysis, COD4 etc at high specs, anyway heres the build, let me know if its a good one, thanks.

    AMD® Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+
    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium - English
    1 Year Base Warranty - Collect & Return
    Dell™ 20" Black Wide Flat Panel (E207WFP) - UK/Irish
    Logitech QuickCam Express Plus - free headset included
    2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024]
    320GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst™ cache
    128MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8300GS Turbocache graphics card
    16x DVD +/- RW Drive
    Dell™ Entry Quietkey USB Keyboard - UK/Irish (QWERTY)
    Dell 2 Button USB Scroll Optical Mouse - Black

    I pray to god that this is good enough because its all i can afford!
  2. msr

    msr LE

    How much are you paying for it?
  3. £479.00?
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Crysis on max? With that card?

    You'll be lucky if it runs at all.
  5. haha shit, im not computer lingual but i have a maximum of £550 to spend. The computer is mainly to play Arma on max settings, any ideas?
  6. oh and i didnt mean crysis on max, i should of specified that, sorry. As i posted just now its mainly to play games like Arma on max settings, any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. As stated the graphics card is the weak point. You want to be looking to upgrade it to a Nvidia 8800 series card, there are a few flavours the 8800 GTS and Ultras being the best/most expensive.

    If thats not an option you could pull out the 8300 it comes with and plug in a 3rd party ATI X1950 which you should be able to get from for less than £100. Its not the latest DirectX 10 compatible but it is still a very fast card and will happily play all current games at reasonable resolutions.
  8. If you can tweak your choices or even put a bit more cash towards it i would highly recommend 4Gb ram, you will need it for gaming under vista though the graphics card is the biggest slow point.

    That graphics card is not good, its turbocache which means it uses some of the system ram for storage, gives big speed increases for low end systems but not good if your aim is gaming. For high settings you will be looking at the Nvidia 8800GTX or GTS cards, GTS would be better value for money when on a budget, also the ATi 2900s or 3800s would happily do aswell but cheaper.
  9. thanks for the replies everyone, i had a good look around some sites last night and managed to get my budget upto £600-650, i came up with a new build and was hoping youd be able to give some advice on it, here goes:

    processor - intel core 2 duo e6750 cpu

    power supply - standard 450 watt psu

    memory - 3gb kingston 667mhz pc5300 ddr2 RAM

    pcie graphics - 256mb nvidia 8600gts

    sound card - integrated 5.1 channel sound card

    primary hard drive - 160gb sata2 7200rpm hard drive

    operating system - genuine windows vista home premium

    is this a good deal for £550.00
  10. I'd still look at changing the graphics card if you are going to use it for gaming a lot.

    However that card would still run most stuff fine but depends on what you are expecting (resolution etc) Just make sure the case has ample room and the M/B a second PCI-E slot and you can always upgrade that card or add a second 8600 later on.
  11. Ok i just went to PC and built the following system for £660 inc VAT + delivery. Upper end of your budget i know but this has all the kit you could want at a reasonable price. If you do go for this one make sure the case has at least 2 120mm fans in it.

    If you wanted to go cheaper you could change the CPU to the E6750 and save £40. Also i selected 64Bit windows as that means you can upgrade the RAM to 4Gb as 32Bit cant handle it, i have no experiance of 64Bit so id phone them up and ask how it is with the likes of games, anti virus and so on, XP 64Bit did have problems. Upgrading the ram is easy at a future date, buy same same brand and speed, open the side of the case up, slot it in, make sure the 2 mount clips are in place - easy. 4Gb is recommended under Vista, and Quad core will keep you happy for games for quite some time.

    Also there is this one £640 inc vat + delivery, good specs but not as good as above. Though its a much nicer case to show off.

    These dont include monitors, im afraid there is a bit of a jump from your dell system to these, not much of a middle ground to factor in the monitors price, unless somebody can prove me wrong i hope.
  12. thanks alot everyone, really helpful as i stated previously this computer is mainly to play arma, as a long time fan of operation flashpoint i've drooled over arma since the day it was announced but only now have the money to afford a new computer, is the build i mentioned in my last post able to run arma on max settings at a decent fps?
  13. is the nvidia nforce 500 sli a good graphics card by any chance? according to the nvidia website, sli's are top of the range for gaming? im sorry to keep asking you irritating questions but i really do not have much clue to what is what with computers.
  14. Ignore the hype about sli, you are better to spend more money on a single card. The system you mentioned above has a nice processor, but I really would go for a 8800 series if you can stretch to it. Mikes system above looks nice, though I dispute the graphics card comment. A quick google of review sites showed me that the 3850 is far below the 8800 gt (never mind the GTS), but it is cheaper and definitely better than the 8600.

    Another good site to customise your own is
  15. NForce 500 is actually a chipset, not a graphics card. Its an Nvidia chipset on motherboards that support SLI