New Commitment Bonus.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dontdreamit, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Absolutely top!

    Well not for the old and bold but still you guys got the old pension so swings and roundabouts!

    8 year point : £15,000!
  2. Good news, but what's the commitment (4 years?). Take away 20% tax, that leaves £12K and if the commitment is 4 years that gives £3K per year net. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick - especially if you planned on staying in anyway.
  3. 15,000 over four a four year period i think
  4. Do you still get the 15k if you've already had your 5-year money but have not reached the 8-year point yet? I'm doubting it, but free money is always good :D

  5. You need 4 years OR LESS reckonable service in April 09.

    The RoS is nil.

    It is to rewards those for service already achieved. Bonkers I know but not complaining.

    You can take a proportion of your £15k every year for 4 years up to your 8 year point. The more you take immediately the less you take as a whole.


  6. Mmmm. says they're reviewing those who have fallen through the gap (done more than 4 years but not taken their commitment bonus yet)

    Anyone want to bet this 'review' takes, oh, I don't know, bloody ages?!

    (got to have a whinge!) :D
  7. What do I get after 25 years? Ahh yes, all the mud I can eat!
  8. Is it just ME that's missed every bonus that has been introduced since 1987??!! :x Unbelievable! :roll:
  9. No it's not just you mate! Here, have some of my mud. It's delicious, hmmmmm :x
  10. You got some MUD!!!!

    You lucky, lucky, bar-steward.

    Only uncommitted, disloyal, spineless, inadequate, unfulfilled, weak sexually inept, boring, flatulent and smelly people whose mummy's dressed them funny and had no friends at school get Commitment Bonuses.
  11. ..............and redarses!
  12. Bastards, the lot of you. I got a couple of weeks' RENLeave which I wasn't able to take due to commitments. 'Twere hard way back in them days.

    The missus says so, too.
  13. let's all sing and dance however it's all out of your pension!!

    the old pension boys win out in the long run as the new boys only benefit if they VEng til 55!! **** THAT!!

    The money is given in return for a years service so sign one day and sign off the next. Plus some of us got quals which mean getting out is worth more then £3k a yr anyway!!
  14. Commitment bonuses don't come out of your pension.

    When you do the Pension calculator on ArmyNet it doesn't ask you how many bonuses you signed for does it???

    It's just an Urban myth.
  15. Yeh but the new pension is still a major screw job! So swings and roundabouts.