New Commando Walt?......

I don't mind the Commando walting but a full colonel at 34? That reeks of nepotism!
And also had the balls to admit that it wasn't for him/up to it,and left.
He came to SEE weeks after. We had a fair few RM tels techs in training. . They said please wear a normal jumper without the RM on. They said FO....anyway it turned out all RM got Wed to Tues off, bucksee. They were good.
RM officers start training as a commissioned officer (second lieutenant). They are awarded a second pip on completion of training.
It did lead to some amusing exchanges with a couple of RM junior officers attached to 1 PARA (not enough RM Tp Comd vacancies):

RM Lt: "I'm actually a captain in Army rank"

Every one who heard it (again): "Zip it you fu*king crow, and do your job"
He does look a bit bloody silly in that to be fair.

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