New Combats & Osprey Body Armour

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MS3333, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    I'm new on here so please go easy.

    Does anyone have any of the new combats for sale? , even better would be OSPREY body armour. I'm willing to pay top prices although by paypal only.

  2. Hummmm i spell a rather bad attempt by MODPLOD or Monkeys
  3. Yeah, I've got some as used by the SAS and others in the SF community. What size would you like. Bulk orders get a discount and some black nasty thrown in.
  4. Do you want guns with that...hell, i'll throw in the ammo!!
  5. Airsoft walt?

    Do me a lemon flavour: they haven't finished issuing the fecking stuff to blokes who need it to try and stay alive.

    If you want some - join an infantry unit with an Afghan tour in the pipeline . . . :roll:

  6. Well so what if i like airsoft?, it's only a hobby. As i said i am willing to pay top money??
  7. I have my own guns thanks..
  8. Hello Everyone.

    I'm new on here so please go easy.

    The last time I heard that it all got very nasty :twisted:

  9. Why would it get nasty, I have only asked a question. I was just hoping someone might be able to get hold of some to sell. I did not realise it was in short supply.
  10. hmm which Arrse'r is it this time :D
  11. I have news for you: you're probably sailing close to s1 of Theft Act 1968. If any plumb on here does a deal with you, that'll be a nice s22 Theft (Amendment) Act 1996.

    Have a good day.
  12. Well i guess it's me. I'm now an Arrser. Airsoft is massive from where i'm from, although i;m quite new to it. Loads of guys who go Airsoft wear bodyarmour so thought i would try my luck on here.
  13. Arrse-hole

    Not by any chance related to these chaps are you? Two airsoft-related wahs in the same week.

    D- must try harder.
  14. Theft, why? i dont, and never have stolen anything in my life. I'm just simply asking if anyone has any for sale??? Is that a crime?
  15. It is if they sell it, MORON!