New Combat Jacket! Shit?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigsouth1981, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. bigsouth1981

    bigsouth1981 Old-Salt

    Just got the latest issue combat jacket (non-ripstop type) from the moaning Irish b@stard in the stores. Its a 170/88 and hangs down near my f-cking knees, where as my old one was a 170/96 and fit like a dream. Has anyone found the new jackets to be a longer cut or have I just got a gammy one?. As usuall, she hasnt got any smaller ones, or is it that she cant be f-cking arsed to go and have a look. Which reminds me, I should of asked her for a issue hoola hoop since I look like a f-cking clown now.
  2. Bravo_Bravo

    Bravo_Bravo On ROPS On ROPs

    Stop whinging, Stumpy.
  3. Pebble_Monkey

    Pebble_Monkey Old-Salt


    I recently got the new windproof smock in exactly the same size as my old arctic smock. I have noticed that the smock is longer than my old one.

    Has someone changed the length of a centimetre while i wasn't looking?
  4. NAP6W

    NAP6W Old-Salt

    I am a big lad and to get one that fits my chest, it dangles by my knees. You have bungee things inside to tie it up though so you will look fine.
  5. Nah it looks sh1t with them bungee things. Makes you look like a REMFy cadet. Go and see the petrol bomb throwing hag. Tell her the script and if not, Nick it. Worked for me. Mine fits like a... Well fitted combat jacket!
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    So lets get the gen are these new jackets windproof or not? Cause if they are Im flogging my arctic on ebay before its too tatty and will exchange my ripstop jacket pronto.
  7. thegimp

    thegimp LE

    I was under the impression that you perce scruff bags liked em long.
    Myself and colleagues worked out an equation exploring the relationship between the distance of scruff perce combat frock from the ground and seniority.

    Can't remember the exact results, but all agreed that a properly worn combat jacket ie done up at the waist as designed looked and performed in a much more business like manner

    Same Same with 95 shirts with sleeves rolled up. very smart

  8. bigsouth1981

    bigsouth1981 Old-Salt

    Guess being a little bastard Im going to try and get it exchanged, they are definately longer, too long, its will be f-cking annoying when running, and before you say "just undo the bottom zip", NO, it makes it look like a gay ******* dress, or fag wings.
  9. VicMackey

    VicMackey Old-Salt

    Anyone seen the new issue windproof? Heard it is like civi style gortex jkt, with mesh lining but still looks like the normal windproof! Mate in 3 Cdo Bde has one but says they are like the preverbial Rocking Horse Sh1t, so wont let me have it!


    This one was for sale on ebay! The picture isnt that clear though, so cant see much difference.
  10. Will.I.Am

    Will.I.Am Clanker

    Asked the guy a while ago to supply me the NSN of that jacket, he refused, saying that if I didnt believe it was gen not to bid, t0sser, gave aload of info like he has sold them to DS on PCBC etc but still couldnt give an NSN....

    I'll stick with me Arktis Kommando...
  11. 307

    307 War Hero

    That is a Webtex windproof smock I can tell just by looking at it.
  12. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I’m just waiting permission to staff the requirement and the 95 jacket is no more. It will be replaced with a smock similar to the desert one.

    Someone will whinge though they always will. Give a squadie a pint and they’ll want two. I know I was that squadie
  13. FNUSNU


    Got mine today, longer, wider, crapper material. Will probably have to order a small size to see if that fts properly.
  14. 1Windy1

    1Windy1 Swinger

    Just out of interest, what's the NSN of these new jackets?
  15. Gook

    Gook Old-Salt

    Whats the difference between the new ones and the ripstop ones we all know?

    Just a different material and different length or are there different features etc? As I've heard the latest windproofs have a flap in the hood for your PRR cable, zipped chest pockets a la CS95, and a small pocket for some locating thingymabob should you find yourself the wrong side of an avalanche!

    And any truth in that new windproof being Goretex with mesh VM? Guess it wouldnt be too waterproof after a few barbed wire fences and sewer crawls! My oppo had a smock which was the windproof design but made out of ripstop and it had a goretex inner lining, very expensive gucci Soldier of Fortune stuff but Christ was he sweating on the CFT!