New combat boots to "protect from IED's"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. If an IED can disable an MBT or rip the wheels off a protected vehicle, just how is a boot supposed to help? A putty-filled set of full-body ballistic armour might be a start...
  2. Hover boots. That's what you need.
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  3. So the 8mm of putty and rubber will do exactly what? Absorb the blast? I don't think so somehow. Or does it mean that after your legs, arms, torso and napper has been either pink misted or shredded, at least your nearest and dearest will still have your foot filled boots to plant.
  4. There are marginal cases in which in smaller IED (or poorly constructed one) may cause lesser injury that can be mitigated by this.

    However, I think this is probably aim more at blokes travelling in vehicles, who might suffer foot and ankle injuries when the floor is deformed.
  5. Waste of money, just use two pairs of insoles.
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  6. Only think i can think of is that the putty could somehow divide the weight around the boot so less force/pressure is put into one spot. if that makes sense to anyone
  7. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sort of, but you're going to be hard pushed to make 100lbs of kit on a mans back any lighter with some play-doh.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Here is the successful prototype:

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  9. They may distribute the weight to certain areas of the sole? never know wtf they can bring out with all the tech now
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The theory is sound but it would be impossible to decrease the pounds per square inch over such a small space to anything below 'triggering' weight for an IED which can easily be a few lbs.

    However, no harm in trying new tech!
  11. Who's going to test them, I ****ing wouldn't
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  12. Sounds like a very dubious ploy to garner extra money for nonsensical research. Caractacus Potts and Mike Mercury appear to have come up with a no less ludicrous solution.
  13. Sounds pretty sensible to me, it's not stopping the blast but making it more likely you get to keep a leg. Shins are easier to fix than heels so if you can protect the heel people are more likely to survive, keep their legs and recover faster.

    Edit - Fixed the quote.
  14. Yep, because I'm sure the design process goes like this:

    1) Think up idea on fag packet
    2) Bodge together in garage
    3) Issue to troops in Afghanistan.

    Believe it or not, there are means to test such things before they enter service. And yes, there is a point to it - see my post above.