New Clothing Contract Awarded

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. Hot off the presses from DLO:

    'Smarter and better'? As opposed to 'stupid and crap'? :D
  2. the above 2 quotes taken from
    different articles hope they are not involved in accounting of money if this is how they do figures!!! think those of you still serving should be worried if they lose 2,000 people what else is missing!!
  3. [quote='Orange' Adam Ingram]

    " Today’s award will ensure our service personnel continue to be equipped with a broad range of high-quality clothing, whilst ensuring taxpayers get value for money."

    Translation = jackets and trousers that don't match, sourced from third-world countries, that won't be delivered on time.
  4. so , now it's official , the army will look like an explosion in a jumble sale.
  5. So you know who to phone :D

    Psychic ViroBono 8O

    Oh, this bit is interesting.

    The Chairman of Cooneen (Not sure how old this info is) is one John B McGuckian BSc

  6. Jesus are they really based in lisnaskea , i've spent a while down that neck of the woods , and it was decidedly unsquad friendly, they could stitch us right up!!!!!!! imagine if they made it all the wrong sizes so it didnt fit anyone , ......... oh sorry. :oops:
  7. Interesting:

    Watts & Stone Managing Director: John Trimble

    John B McGuckian (Chairman of Coonen) has previously acted as the Chairman of the International Fund for Northern Ireland and as Senior Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Senate of the Queen's University Belfast.

    So, absolutely no Orange connections for Adam 'The Sash' Ingram to deny at all, then.
  8. I can see it now. 'Yes, sir, we have both sizes - too big and too small - from our new supplier." Continuing a great stores' tradition. If they don't fit, you can either expand into them or lose weight. Wonder if they'll manufacture items in emerald green? :cry:
  9. I wonder if any of the musings posted above will make it all the way to the 'Street of Shame'?

    Let's face it - there's clearly something very odd going on here. And Fleet Street's finest are hardly noted for allowing a lack of firm evidence stand in the way of a bit of 'New Labour Bashing'!
  10. First pictures of the new combat kit:


    and Mess Dress:


    :lol: :lol:
  11. Great stuff VB! :D
  12. LOL Fantastic Viro, hitting a market stall near you very soon.
  13. Sir John .....ooooops jumped the gun there

    MR. John McGuckian is quoted in some references as a "Prominent Catholic Businessman" , and former head of the Irish Development Board.
  14. Sounds like some sort of lunatic MOD diversity scheme is at work here.

    Is this the same John McGuckian who, as a director of AIB, was censured for failing to comply with corporate governance rules, which state that non-executive directors should serve for no more than 9 years, when he had been on the board for no less than 27 years?
  15. deep joy, the lowest bidder wins again, sound familier anyone?
    hi ho silvermans and away!