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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sniper9, Aug 15, 2005.

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    dont know if any one has winged about this before, but is the any news of an improved uniform for field conditions. CBT 95 is shite to thin and not hardwearing, we need , a proper smock with workable pockets goretex lened to save on carrying the crisp packet around, padded elbows padded shoulders, hard wearing trousers with padded knees and reenforced seat. i am hoping for to much or am going to have get a loan out to make my life more comfortable on exercise
  2. Look on the bright side you could be on ops in battle dress? things have gone forward but the kit will never please anyone.

    Get yourself a sewing machine and do it yourself!
  3. everyone moans about the kit!

    but it does the job but it is worth buying a few bits yourself to make life comfortable

    personally i couldnt live without my buffalo, my softie doss bag, gas cooker and american poncho and liner :)
  4. DB

    I agree!

    I have seen a mrked improvement in kit since I joined (circa 87 Junior Bleeder!).

    We were in KF shirts etc. Norgys wree something you could buy from the PRI I remember my first one with more fondness than my first 5h@g!! (but not subsequent 5h@gs!).

    Whats the worst bit of kit anyone can remember? Mine has to be the old 58 Pattern Large pack what was that all about and you had to fill it with crap (writing material, shoes PT, etc etc)
  5. thanks for the replies but i did not expect any extras fom bad lads army to answer!! thanks any way chaps i could be in battle dress and do remember 58 webbing and kf shirts, and harry look my sewing machine is going into over drive then!!

    worst bit of kit, the crsip packet waterproofs which when worn made you sweat so much that is would have been easier getting wet
  6. Is that what 'real snipers' wear is it?

    Sniper.....yeah, right!
  7. Which in my days were green and you had to buy yourself! or it was the old issue poncho............ Nice!

    But dont we get this taken into consideration when given the X factor and field conditions etc etc!

    Worst ever bit of issue kit was barrack dress trousers they were a health hazard and liability!
  8. Ahhh barrack dress - Trousers -Non -Ferocious!
  9. Is that what Snipers in the Cav wear.........or should that be SPS Snipers, when they're aiming the blue tac at the notice board?
  10. blue tac, not that good need a post it!!
  11. Would that be a 'Sniper Post It'?
  12. no just a yellow ones, like your bedsheets
  13. hey sniper, your mascara's running.......
  14. god i nearly broke my ribs laughing at that, talk about sh@t crack, i though biscuits Ass Bummer was bad
  15. ......and I bet you're deadly with your airgun.