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Apologies if this has been asked before ........

With the new CLMs being delivered in 3 parts [Feb 08 Din Channel 7] (Part 1 - A&SD, Part 2 - Work Based Learning and Part 3 - AEC), who issues the work based learning element; and when and how?
Speak to your local AEC, they have all been briefed on it.

The only one that is not out yet is the WO's one.

Thanks for that but last time I tried an AEC they did not know or I am (long) awaiting a reply. I do not have a local AEC and short of ringing them all........ That's why I asked here - in the hope that someone would know.
The new CLM runs in three parts Part 1 A&S, Part 2 WBL and Part 3 AEC. On completion of Part 1 your A&S will issue you with a workbook also during Part 1 this book will be explained to you. On completion of your workbook the last page in a application form for the Part 3 AEC, submitt the form and await Part 3.

Your A&S is responsible for giving you the workbook.

Anymore questions please reply.


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Anyone got any pointers please?
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Edited to add, bottleosmoke, there was a thread on here recently that ran for 10,11? pages.

Check that out, loads of links too.


All Work books have now been issued to A&S, this should include WO for the Training Year 09/10.

If anyone has any other CLM queries please post here.
heidtheba said:
Speak to your local AEC, they have all been briefed on it.

The only one that is not out yet is the WO's one.
Completed my WO CLM Part one a few weeks back. Those who had not completed Part 2 of the old system received their WBL books at the end of the course.

Only part 1 is required for substansive rank.
Having completed my Part 1 afew weeks ago and now got substansive rank of sgt, and moving onto part 2 WBL, having spoken to 1AEC you can get your workbook a number of ways:

1. Issued at end of part one
2. Pop into you local AEC and ask for one.
3. Download one from the intranet site, off you local regiment website.

Your WBL will be specfic for YOU and YOUR work place depending where you work, what place you work in and what position your job role is.

You should arrange a meeting with you LDO at you AEC to go through you workbook and discuss how you are to acheive your 7 TASKs with the proof of completion at your work place, this could take sometime to complete, BUT within 6 months. EVEN IF YOU DEPLOY ON OPS you are still able to complete it!!!!!!!

Once complete there is a certificate in the back of the book which is to signed off and then the whole book with you proof of completeting it is held at the AEC. (Take a copy to be on safe side).

Once completeted part 2 move onto part 3 which is 3 to 5 days education at a AEC. once that is complete, CONGRATs eligible for promotion! with hopefully a reccomadation on yeh SJAR!
All Work books should now be issued via your own A&S. The few the AEC's had was for the transitional arrangements. most ran out very quickly or kept the 1's they had for themselves.
Hopefully all course information will soon be available via the intranet.
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