New cleaning system for 105 and 155 guns

Discussion in 'REME' started by sarnian, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. We're ressurrecting a project we started with REME roughly 20 years ago to wet-blast the inside of gun barrels. If any of you were on that project, it wouldn't be to hard to figure out the company's name from my login!
    The rig uses a mix of high pressure air, water and abrasive - but here's the rub. They are required to be used at Battery level - so they have to be pretty damned bill-oddie proof.

    What I'm after from you kind gentlemen is any input at all on features, functionality and durability - the kind of things you would want in such a system at battery level. What are the main elements in the fouling of a newly-fired gun? The problems associated with cleaning arty pieces, etc?


  2. Ask me one on sport 8O
  3. :D Water and manpower :D
  4. A Cambodian, brasso and heaps of wire wool.
  5. I think u may be too late, there are alot of new systems on the market and we have been offered to trial one that cleans fron 30mm to 155mm.. all it needs is air, and 1 person to hold it. However if you have a mech system that takes off the fume xt and cleans that as well......
  6. The European Armys use forest boar foam on guns up to 155mm

  7. On AS90, a "ferret" is used. Works on compressed air and vibrates up and down the barrel. Otherwise, I believe coppering of the barrel to be a problem when using certain bag charges.
  8. Go on you gun bunnies have a good old chat on your own. Enjoy you don't get out a lot.
    However the thread, Fospro any good.
  9. Sounds remarkably similar to the design brief that we're working to - I've just started on the project - If it's by the same company that supply Vapormates to the REME workshops then that's interesting... If it's by another mob it's even more so!
  10. I thought using West Highland Terriers as shells was the accepted way to clean the bore?
  11. stick a tech up the spout, boom, job done

  12. And when you run out of Tech's you can use the good old Tiffy, he's got to be a dead cert to make sure the jobs done right.
  13. Try getting atiff up there. They go all jelly like when put under pressure.