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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Mar 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi all. Im looking for a new pair of boots purely for everyday use such as cutting about shops, pub and work. At the moment im using Catapiller Indianas which are tough and lasted 5 years, but the back of the heel keeps wearing out and im not able to get that fixed with a leather patch anymore. Im not going to be hillwalking in them, but they need to be able to take a bit of distance and last a long time. I also want to avoid the usual suspects of Altbergs and Lowas, no point in buying them if im not using them for that role and will feel odd wearing them down the pub.

    I did have a pair of Magnums (very like the issue jungle boot) which were very nice, but the leather kept splitting down the sides of the toes where the boot bends when you step. Perhaps a better brand similar to them? What do you guys recommend? The budget is around £100 (get what you pay for), cheers.

    Edit to add - Thanks for the recommendations, some nice boots especially since im looking for a good walking pair for summer hols. Though i should have said that at the moment im after something tall and in black leather, as they will get wear and tear from crap ground in working outdoors (job has me indoors and out). Those non-leather/fabric walking boots havn't liked me in the past, although some fabric on the leg similar to the Magnums would be ideal to keep them light weight and breathable. Yeah, im looking for a jack of all trade boot as i dont want half a dozen pairs of shoes for different days like a woman.
  2. Karimor KSB are ok for mincing about in, Or a pair of Dr Martens perhaps
  3. timberlands as used by nick stone :D
    but considering his catastrophic run of bad luck maybe not :twisted:
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Wrangler workboots.
    comfy as hell, they take a polish so you can wear them with a suit and they look nothing like those bleeding horrible chavvy Rockport shite.
  5. dont wear military style boots out, its lame.

    theres only one 'urban combat boot' IMHO.....................

    ....the original, and still the best. i'v allways had at least one pair of docs since 1979. (chicks dig them on an old cnut too :wink: ), dont forget to put in red laces.

  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    docs these days are pish - they must put them together with spit. I used to wear nothing but, then I noticed they were wearing out quicker and quicker. then the last pair I had went about three months before falling almost completely to pieces.
    whereas Caterpillars are bombproof - if they just kept decent styles available. the wranglers I mention above I've had for eighteen months and theyre still going strong.
  7. Doc Martens are now made overseas... probably explains the poor quality... :(
  8. Homos the lot of you- there's only one choice, the foot wear of the gods Clarks Dessie Wellies.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    * admires Pike's paracord laces *

  10. Sadly no para cord laces- I am no longer that Ally
  11. Hi tec civvy walking boots are cheap as chips and better than magnums for wear. I usually buy a pair every year or so and never pay full price.
  12. I recommend Merrells or Salomons (now part of Addidas)

    I have a pair of Salomons which I wear around town for the last 9 years and still are in great nick.

    Merrells are good but the vibram soles do tent to wear down
  13. I've got Meindl Magic Junior. Lovely and comfy ....... and only £30 in size 5. (That'll blow my anonymity round here. :oops: )

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  14. There is nothing that finishes off a suit like a pair of highly polished steel toe cap DM's (red laces are optional).
    I have been wearing DM's since I was 12 yrs old as a sign of rebelion against school uniform, then as I got older office dress code.
    Cat' boots are also very good and like DM's last years if looked after, or if you want some thing different a pair of Sancho Cowboy boots (plain round or square toed, not the poofy pointed ones).
  15. Ive got a pair of Goliath Public defender boots.Cant wear them out,toecaps and midsole,cost about £60 from the factory in Yorkshire