New city statue honours Victoria Cross heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JP47, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. New city statue honours Victoria Cross heroes
    Aug 18 2008 by Alan Weston, Liverpool Daily Post


    Unveiling of bronze sculpture of Capt Noel Chavasse VC at Abercromby Square _320

    THE unveiling of a memorial in honour of Liverpool’s Victoria Cross heroes was watched by upwards of 1,000 people at an historic ceremony yesterday.

    The bronze sculpture commemorates the life and deeds of Noel Chavasse, the only soldier to receive two VC medals for bravery during World War 1.

    It depicts Captain Chavasse and a stretcher bearer from the Liverpool Scottish Battalion rescuing a wounded soldier in no-man’s-land.

    Around the base are the names of 15 other Liverpool-born servicemen who received the VC for their bravery in a variety of campaigns, the earliest being the Indian Mutiny in 1857, to the most recent from the time of the Great War.

    Relatives of Noel Chavasse and of the 15 men whose names are included on the statue gathered in Abercromby Square for the 30-minute service, watched by hundreds of armed forces personnel, cadets, and members of the public.

    Although the ceremony took place under overcast skies, the rain held off long enough for the spectators to remain dry and watch a flypast by a Tiger Moth plane.

    It has taken three years of struggle by the Noel Chavasse VC Memorial Association (NCVCMA) to raise enough money for the sculpture, but it is still some way short of its £120,000 target. Donations have come from regimental associations such as the Royal Army Medical Corps, local businesses, and ordinary people.

    The statue is situated almost directly opposite to where Noel Chavasse lived, in what was then the Bishop’s House, as his father was Bishop of Liverpool.

    The present site for the memorial has been provided by the University of Liverpool, and is only temporary while a permanent one is being sought.

    NCVCMA chairman Bill Sergeant said: “This is a proud day in the history of our city.

    “It has been a struggle, but today sees the fruit of our labours. This memorial reminds us of the past, but it can also be an inspiration for the future. We can be assured that future generations will be reminded of the contribution our heroes made, and the principles for which they fought.”

    The 8ft sculpture was created by Tom Murphy, whose other work includes the Bill Shankly statue at Liverpool FC, and the Dixie Dean statue at Everton FC.

    He said: “I’m delighted for all the people who put money into the project.”
    Link to article

    Good effort all round by those involved
  2. Well done Liverpool - fifteen VCs - wow!

    Captain Noel Chavasse VC and Bar also had an MC.

    Some posters may care to 'google' his name and read the most astonishing accounts of his exploits before he was killed in battle in 1917.
  3. "...Noel Chavasse, the only soldier to receive two VC medals for bravery during World War 1..."

    Chevasse was the only one to win both the VC and Bar during the Great War, but not the only second award of that war, the other, Arthur Martin-Leake (also RAMC), won his first cross during the last days of the Boer War and had his second award gazetted in February 1915.

    Unlike Chevsse, Martin-Leake survived the war and lived until 1953.

    As for the new statue - Well Done Liverpool!

  4. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Good efort. I will be down to look at that over the weekend
  5. Some idle fcuk will have scratched his name into it within a week,
  6. Absolutely bloody marvelous!
  7. I'll take a drive over there and get some photo's.

    There is pics HERE however being crap I can't get them up on here can someone more computer savvy help out.
  8. The current site of the memorial is a bit out of the way, fingers crossed it will eventually be moved to the St Georges Hall Plateau near the cenotaph or in the gardens at the rear were you can find many several other military memorials.
  9. Beat me to it, I was going to ask how many days until some fukcwit has sprayed his/her graffiti tag all over it?
  10. It gladdens the heart to see that some people do not forget and eventually honour those from their community who risked all.

    A similar thing was done in my home town earlier this year when a memorial was placed in the high street to honour Noel Mellish VC from WW1. They even got Sophie Wessex (a relative) along to mark the dedication.

    Well done to all.
  11. well done liverpool - however, didn't anyone from the city and thereabouts win one in ww2?
  12. Apparently it was ear-marked for Liverpool 1 but 'His Westministerness' refused to have it amoung his new streets.

    D'yer think it would take up too much retail space? Will it stop the shoppers spending? Lower the tone? Or did he just build his shopping centre on Chavasse Park and then say feck off when the people have donated tot he statue?

    If I was rich, I'd also be a prick! [she says I'm the poor version most everytime she gets the chance. :-(] Still, he's not so much of a prick to have bought 'down by the Albert Dock' of the council and is now the proud owner of said estate, streets, private security and all. Don't know much about this deal but the little I do know stinks.

    It's like Sefton Council letting MDHB to fence in the north end of Regents Road/Derby Road from Bootle (Millers Bridge) northwards and enclosing it into the dock estate. WTF? That's a road, a thorough fare! And they can just sell/take it to a private concern?

    Me dad always tells me 'we' (that's us as in the royal 'we') have shore rights to the Mersey and there's 4 roads thru the docks onto the sea wall, used to be, anyway.

    Good luck getting past the retired squaddies in florescent yellow who now man the gates. ;-)

    Does someone here hire the 'Outrage Bus' out?
  13. What about placing it somewhere in the City Centre, St George's Hall, Victoria Monument, Pier Head, or Fraser street the home of the Liverpool scottish