New Chukavin sniper rifle

Joshua Slocum

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perhaps my granddaughter could come along and paint it
shes already had some practise


and why is he wearing safety glass the big Jessie ?/ surely the bits of metal come out the other end ??
That tiny mag light must be mega powerful.
Why do you need a tactical torch on a sniper rifle?
Could be IR, I have a likkle IR torch about that size.......still fcekin useless beyond 30m - 50m.

Vlad obviously more used to sticking the knife in from behind looked like a flid wrapping himself around that rifle. [Cut - edit] The big bloke over his right shoulder must have shown him how to get a decent position and hold before he finally "sent it".
You'd think that for a presidential publicity event they could have given him one that people hadn't stubbed out their cigarettes on.
Putin is fed up with sending 2nd rate hitmen to UK who fail and cannot come up with convincing stories. He's learning how to take people out from a distance.
Are we selling the Russians MTP as well? Have they chosen wisely so that our marksmen don't shoot them?

Selling????? They'll probably just be buying it direct from Crye - look at the nice new MSA (a US company) ear def's Vlad is wearing.
There's an Army Surplus Store (Garage) near where I live run by a real professional (!) who claims to import Russian Uniforms and Boots and then sells them at an extortionate rate. He also claims to have a deal going with his Russian supplier to provide new MTP and other Brit kit before they are issued to our boys(!) He's almost as convincing as the Trader at a local market who claims to import and sell genuine World War Two plastic helmets!

"Dear God, it does look like a mushroom!"
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