It could be the solution.

Please try: OFFLINE FOR MODS - BACK LATER and click on the "Start FlashChat using built-in login" button. Use your normal ARRSE user name and password.

This is trial only at this stage but if you like ot, we'll get rid of IRC Chat
gets my vote - locked a couple of times, but sooo easy to get back in :D
I can't get the colours sorted - I think we all need to be on the same colour selection to see all messages. Maybe I'm being a div, :oops: but I think others are having the same probs...
Awol said:
Unselect 'show background' under options Dozy. Or find a grown-up that can do it for you... :wink:
Thanks for that oh scrumptious bum! :lol: I'd figured out that bit & now, using the one family braincell that ISN'T in a wheelchair, I've figured out the rest of it. New Chat? I love it! :D Good work Good CO! 8)
Missy - I have tried also.


Did I say that out loud?
IRC chat still works. Slug is there. If anyone wants a fight of course.
What you have to remember is that you don't get told when someone has joined the room.

Hurry up and wait.

"Everyone got their webbing? Good, you won't need it today."

Its not like it used to be but - hey, the COs are fixing it.

(That must be my most sensible post)
blessed baby cakes said:
Awol said:
See the first post. Numpties.
Hey you! Gobby! It was a NEW chat, now it's GONE! Who stole it and why? Bloody true if it's not nailed down.......

I know what it was sweetie. The first post on this thread originally gave a link, but now it's gone, and instead there's a note to say mods (as in alterations) are in progress.

Clear now? I'm blaming hormones... :wink:
Get your sorry arrses into IRC chat my lurrrrver!!!

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