New Charity UK Homes 4 Heroes

Not another bleeding charity i can hear you say.
Please let me explain why UK Homes 4 Heroes was started'
Rifleman Matt Maccoll who served Queen & Country, in 2007 Matt was blown up by an I.E.D whilst on patrol in Basra City Iraq.
he recieved serious injuries to to the shoulder and back and was mm from being killed. Matt was sent to selly oak and then on to hedley court
where is partially recovered from the injuries, thank god,
due to pain Matt was unable to go back to full duty as a rifleman.
and came out of the army late 2009.
due to family reason matt found him self Homeless and applied to southwark council to help him to get housed and basically he was told to go forth and multiply, im sure you can work this out yourselfs,
Matt and I have been friends for some time, and when he told me of he's plight. i thought im not having this, one of our brave Heroes can fight for this Country,and nearly die, but this Country will not house him,
after a short campaign in the Sun Newspaper Radio 5 and Local press
Matt was put in to a Hostel by Southwark Council, the place was a dump
with drug dealers and loose women as co tennants, its a disgrace to put a law abiding citizen in a place like this
Were you recently on Jeremy Vine? as i'm sure i heard something about this.
this why UK Homes 4 Heroes was formed.
the charity is for Homeless ex service personnel. who are finding it hard to get house by Councils, we aim to give advice and help in getting them,
to adjust to life outside the services.
the responce from the pubic as be outstanding, with support from all over the country.even Europe and America
if you would like to support UK Homes 4 heroes please go to Facebook uk Homes 4 heroes group, or visit our website
i will post more information later to keep you informed,
thank you for reading this post and all the best of Cockney Luck to you
from Pearlykingjim Genuine Pearly King of Camberwell & Bermondsey
and a passionate supporter of Help for Heroes and now UK Homes 4 Heroes,
UK Homes 4 Heroes is a Company limited by Guarantee
Registered in England and Wales under number 7247070
Great concept.
Is it a registered charity?
You have a cellphone as a contact number on the website.

I hope you can understand why people might think twice before parting with any money.
Northern_Biff said:
Great concept.
Is it a registered charity?
You have a cellphone as a contact number on the website.

I hope you can understand why people might think twice before parting with any money.

I agree a great idea. However
UK Homes 4 Heroes is a Company limited by Guarantee
Registered in England and Wales under number 7247070
Are you applying for charitable status?
Uk Homes 4 Heroes is a registered limited Charity
homes 4 Heroes is a Company limited by Guarantee
Registered in England and Wales under number 7407070
our guarantee is if UK Homes 4 Heroes winds up all monies and assets go to Help for Heroes,
we are waiting for our charity commission charity number
being a new charity only 2 months old, it can take up to 12 weeks.
we are not asking for money at the moment just your support
with 100 years of pearly family history i can a sure the public this a genuine charity
thank you for your intrest
Jim, a couple of pieces of advice if I may?

Firstly there is a forum sppecifically for Charities here:

which I think that you've posted in before as a similar username (I might have seen you elsewhere though)? No great stress, but that's its proper home.

Far more importantly your current site is dominated by a Flash page plug in and has no metatags in the coding at all. Basically that means that as far as Google is concerned the page is invisible. Something worth thinking about!
homes for heroes uk is run for profit
Uk Homes 4 heroes is a non profit charity if you would like to go to my personell websites www, or
you will find that over the past 2 years i have collected thousands of pounds for help for heroes
This is not a scam im not asking for money just your support for our heroes
Northern_Biff said:
beemer007 said:
And not forgetting this website is 'very similar' & has high endorsement,
What's your point Beemer?
Could do with 'more' publicity is my point, read the latest Soldier mag for example & the OP charity could ideally get in the directory along with the others' already in to help it's cause,

I was'nt directing anything negative just highlighting that more coverage is required but I understand it's a matter of economics.
Cheers Gremlin
i did post last year when i organised the first Cockney walk for Help for heroes which raised £11.334.00p for the charity in one day
i tried to log in with my previous login account but it did not work
so i re registerd
thank you for your advice i just want to let people know about the new charity which i founded with Matt Maccoll the soldier that was injured
i fully understand the sceptics i have been collecting for 54 years for various charities and have seen it all before and understand that people should be aware
Just a few of you question that i can answer
The mobile phone numer on the website the reason for that is its my personnel phone with all the nutters out there i did not want to give my home number
UK Homes 4 Heroes is funded by Myself at the start with my money to get this charity of the ground
the website is a budget site and will be updated in the future
at the moment wristband and t-shirt sales are funding the charity
One of our Patrons is Barry Albin of Albin & Sons funeral director in Bermondsey
one of Barry's companies re- patriate our fallen heroes and he as made a large donation to the charity
to get it started
being new to this type of forum i dont know how to post photos
i will learn over the next few days and i will post photos of Matt myself and the commitee and patrons and all he work we have all done for Help for heroes,
Homes for heroes uk sell house to our forces personel if you read it in full you will understand what they do
UK HOMES 4 HEROES aim are to give free advice and arrange for them to have a roof over there heads
how many young men and women serving or ex service can afford a mortage with the money they get
if you are a the rank of sargent or above with a lot of time in, then maybe you can afford a home
with no stripes on your arm you have now chance thats when our charity can help if needed
Thank you Exile 1
At the moment we only need people to take notice of UK HOMES 4 HEROES
we will attack from all side when we get our Charity Commission number
together we can make a change in our boys and girls lifes
and give our heroes more self respect

all the best of cockney luck to you from Pearlykingjim
Had a look at your website, Marks story is a sad indictment of our society, I look forward to reading about your project going from strength to strength - though if there were any justice there would be no need for any charities like this.

Good luck.
I agree with you drone
if this country started to look after its own a bit more we would not need charities, mind you i would have to hang my pearly suit up and then i would soon get fed up with nothing to do


Book Reviewer
I,m a simple bloke who likes what it says on the tin, at what point will all this blx stop, I enjoy grafting for a cause that does good and makes a difference. Yes it is the feel good factor, mothers for H homes for H whats bloody next heroin4 H.

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