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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk_mb, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hey fella's.

    Just joined up to the forum, been reading for a few weeks now,
    Bottom line is, I'm 24 years old, always been intrested in joining the army just needed a kick up the @rse to actually get it done.

    Recently I went thru a bad spell (relationship wise) this is th kick up the @rse I needed, I'm not in a dead end job at the moment but don't seem to be moving forward. Plus I'd much rather a career that my job.

    I'm off to my local recruitment office as soon as I'm better (a bit under the wether) but is there anything I can do in the mean time.
  2. You know, my first girl put a hurting on me; I was the idiot who broke up with her, and she was always the one that got away (even now I think of her from time to time). After 3 months on the Island, everything really got put into perspective, including her. There are a multitude of reasons to join the Forces (not necessarily monetary but definitely life skills), but your lost lady will certainly be put in your rear-view mirror after getting your arrse kicked for a few months.
  3. Thx for the reply. Its not necessarily her. The reason for joining. As said I've been intrested for a while just needed a kick ***********.
    Just hope at 24 I'm not getting on a bit.

    The disaplin side won't phase me as I'm used to a pretty strict lifestyle as I bodybuild and have very strict trainers
  4. I reported at 21 years of age, had my 22nd birthday on the Island. When I reported in 1991, the waiverable age for joining was 27, we had a 29 year old former USAF guy in my platoon. He struggled, but made it through. Just put out your all, follow orders, and keep a good attitude. Civvie-side training doesn't necessarily matter much, Riddick Bowe famously joined the Corps and within a few weeks was crying for Mommy. I believe he got a Discharge for the Good of the Service, for failure to adapt.

  5. Rules....pic of said wench.
  6. War - Part Two: Anybody's Son Will Do (1 of 6) - YouTube

    Link to an excellent documentary about military basic training--in any army. "Anybody's Son Will Do." Back in the days before the Interwebs, I watched this in my Uni library before attending Boot Camp. No amount of reading or talking to others can necessarily prepare you for the culture shock that awaits you, but this documentary will help you understand the process. 6 parts to it on Youtube, give it a watch, it will only cost you an hour.
  7. Cheers bro. Will have a watch today
  8. You seem to like hanging about on some that a fetish of some sort?
  9. Parris Island. The Land That God Forgot. ;)
  10. It is if it's the Isle of Wight.
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  11. A French Island! It is a fetish then!
  12. During a bit of spare time I read some crap they'd provided us about the history of the island, and indeed it had originally been colonized by the French. Given the climate and the nasty species native to the island, it merely confirmed to me that the French are utterly insane.
  13. Well we know they are insane, they like to live in deserts and they also think they make nice food and are good lovers. So they are in fact delusionally insane.
  14. When i was in training a year or so ago there was a lad that was 27 so age isn't really a factor.

    Army stict is alot different to anything else, just got to adapt and overcome.
  15. Appreciated, army strict is different to any thing else. More than confident I can cope with it. Going to my local army office today