new cfts, what do we do with the fat ones??????????

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by forrest, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. hey im a pti in my squadron, there's already people moaning and groaning going on about it and how they are going to dodge it etc. this is not my worry, its the fat b@strds in the squadron, we have several lads about 6ft tall and 18-22 stone in weight. what am i suposed to do, i only have one hour a month to work with these guys and thats if they turn up which is once in the blue moon when they dont read the training program. some of these guys need professional help! not a unit pti for an hour a month. even if we could work with these lads it would take months if not years. they are a hazard to themselves and the others around them, imagine a 22stone lad going down, im only 11 stone and built like a rake, even if there were three or four of me i would have sevre difficulty in medivacing these kind of people on a field stretcher. the army needs to address this issue head on and do something active about it. mean while if any one out there can offer some help and advice it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  3. Its a Chain of Command issue. MATTS 2 is quite specific about what process should be followed to those that fail.

    Have a look at :

    to see it in action!
  4. For the narrow question of what are you going to do for the CFT, surely the answer is to have a biff wagon follow you round (which unfortunately restricts you to doing most if not all of it on roads). As you say, there's no way you're going to move a 22 stone guy any significant distance quickly and safely otherwise.
    For the wider question of how you get guys up to the level where an 8 mile walk doesn't leave them in need of casevac, dunno. It's been discused to death in the other CFT thread and it seems no one knows.

    From the sounds of it, better make sure you use a minibus / 4 tonner rather than just someone's car as your saftey vehicle. It might end up quite full.
  5. I agree wholeheartdley reagrding the fatty issue! I was a reg for 7 years, and been in TA for 2 years now. I have put notice in too leave, as so disillusioned with what i see in my so called specialist unit. Fatties everywhere who would rather be behind a computer all the time than doing quality good fitness training.

    They are a disgrace and seriously need help and give TA a bad name! It also happens in the regs as well, but more rife in TA. Again it gives good TA soldiers a bad name and makes them all look s***!
  6. How does a 18-22 stone fatty even get into the TA?
    Wasn’t their BMI measured during their medical when they joined? You don’t get that fat overnight.
  7. Suppose its like the Police ,once the're in, its Burgers, Donuts, Cocaine.....

    Cheers Easy!
  8. replying to goku; a couple of them were competitive weight lifters, so they should know how to look after themselves but they just got lazy and the end result, a 5ft 10 man weighing 22 stone. the rest were skinny in there youth but that was about 10-15 years ago, know they give a monkeys. they just think cause there in admin or the training team they can buy the pti a few pintsw and there bouty's secure!!!
  9. thats annoying when people do that, i saw that in my old unit

    example a person who cant swim passing the swimming test was the best one i ever saw
  10. BMI isn't the be all and end all of fitness Goku, i'm in the process of joining, my BMI will be shit, but i'm fit enough to do the tests........
  11. I don't understand why a PTI would even bother lying about that one. You don't have to pass a swim test to qualify for your bounty, so what could the advantage possibly be?
  12. If you want to do quality fitness training, join an infantry unit, " If you don't run you don't get a gun!"
  13. msr

    msr LE

    As a PTI, should not one option be - devise a training programme together with the Chain of Command to help and guide the soldier back to fitness?

  14. However you still have to pass a BMI test to join regulars. I think its 25% over your "correct" bodyweight and its a no-no.