New Census Form for Red-Necks (I is one too)

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. I suppose this should be on the NAAFI forum but I was afraid some of our Brit cousins may not get all the humo(u)r:

  2. Careful thats very close to some places near me!
  3. Close?? I am in the midst of it and am trying now to fill the durn thing out but my crayon needs sharpening. :D
  4. You missed...
    "Does your new TV stand on your old TV" :D

  5. Oh we get the humour JJ. But in the UK we tend to refer to The Forest of Dean. It is renowned for its selective breeding.
  6. JJH:

    In name category you did not include the ever popular Bobby Lee. Also the variant Bobby Ray as in VADM Bobby Ray Inman, Carter's head of NSA

    edited to add: Also need "All of the above" in the firearms storage category.
  7. Well GAAAAWWWWLLLLEEEE David don't blame me--it;s from the dadburn yankee gumint.