Discussion in 'Officers' started by aleaucestlheure, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. Hi - As a newbie and an ex matelot at that, I have a question regarding the new CDS. I was an SO2 in J3 around 5 years ago when the new CDS was CJO and the current CGS was DCJO. So my question is this - When Gen Peter became CGS was he senior to Gen Nick as VCDS? I just wondered because now that Gen Nick is CDS he is obviously the senior man!!
  2. When i read that, or tried to read it all i could think of was the "Nixon the VIP may go MIA" scene in Good Morning Vietnam!
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  3. ...that's nowt Sy..I've been humming rappers delight since I read the bastard.
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  4. No - CGS subordinate to CDS - or, in his absence, VCDS.
  5. As this is not the NAAFI i can not comment.
  6. Fire away!