New CDS - hoorah or hooroo?


Have I missed something or has it already been highlighted that the dashing man pictured here, Sir Jock Stirrup has been announced as the next CDS.

Oh dear - at the College of Knowledge last year he becme know as Cokk Syrup and was voted as having delivered the second worst lecture of the course. The worst was delivered by fellow blue job and former CDL Pledger but at least he has had the decency to leave in the meantime.

Syrup gave the after dinner speech following a Dambusters' Dinner in the Mess. Bearing in mind that many of the audience were 80 year old veterans who had just had a big meal and a few glasses of vino, Syrup decided it would be a good idea to talk for 30 minutes on how the Dambusters' Raid represented an early form of Network Enabled Capability. It was painful to sit through.

So we can look forward to more contrived drivel being delivered from beneath those unfeasibly large eyebrows!


Jock'd think the man would have the common sense top have changed at least part of it.

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