New CBRN Mask

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robo_robert, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. I've heard we're getting new CBRN masks replacing the S10, mind you i've heard all sorts the army will do. Anyone know the plans or when we're suppose to be getting them?
  2. Never! well not in the time I've got left in
  3. Hmmm. This new breathing thingy has been on the radar for years:

    I remember seeing a photo of it in a CBRN brief last September, but nothing much since then.

    Manufacturers brief is here:

    I think the testing is still underway, I half remember some talk of stock levels and briefing to our US comrades to ensure they don't have issues with recognition. Or that could have been a question I asked. I don't know.
  4. It's a respirator! Bloody part-timers ;)
  5. I saw one in KIT magazine, no timescale mentioned though, I was fairly impressed with the roll out of the A2 so you never know
  6. Rollout date was originally set for 2012 so expect it around 2050 and way over budget
  7. From the piccies it has two canisters, do we whip the right one off before firing or just wave the muzzle in the general direction?
  8. Mask. Right.
  9. Pah, only just got rid of my S6

    Redarrses :wink:
  10. Can't be long before we have all in one protective head gear, ballistic visor, armoured respirator and helmet all in one.
  11. Moblie Infantry.

    I'm looking forward to the Y-rack grenade launcher, and being able to leap tall buildings.
  12. go with our laser guns, one-piece body armour suits that can stop anything but weigh nothing, and hover boards :wink:
  13. Smart means clever, clever means complicated, complicated means it isn't squaddie proof, we'll manage to break it really quickly.