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Watching the pictures of the peace-loving liberated and grateful for it too! people of Basra chase 4 squaddies around as they were trying to locate the crash site (the CNN news crew were blocking their view) I couldn't help but notice that they were wearing a wholely new and almost 'capable' looking CBA. Can anyone share any information about this? Because I've not seen it before and it looked very American (lots of straps) but with Brit DPM pattern.

Once again, as ever, my personal CBA with level 2A and huge ceramic inserts is for sale - PM with an offer.
On a kit roadshow in the sandpit last year, on display was a body armour due to replace CBA. Its the over the head design that fastens at both sides as opposed to the waistcoat we're used to, with bigger plates.

As with ICBA mk 2 (top cover type), they were playing with straps for attaching ammo pouches, PRR etc


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ECBA was good, even though dated (I remember using it as INIBA in '82) but the new stuff is the Mutt's Nuts. No techy speak from me, as that's quite beyond me - but it is large, well designed, not tooooo heavy (well, what can you expect?), and allows for the fact that the locals here aren't good enough shots to hit the old-style plate that often!
New stuff came in during TELIC 7. Very similar to US and Australian CBA. It's called Osprey apparently.
Big plates are optional, can still use little ones if required. Arm and neck protection is also optional.
Got a big thumbs up from our chaps who were issued it.
Yep the new stuff is called Osprey, based on the US design but without the elastic cumberbund. Its a good bit of kit but the additional pouches are a little bit rubbish, not enough room for the (Op ammo at least 6 mags) plus no Minimi or 40mm gren pouches as yet. The US have a whole load of pouches for this and that and I'm sure it won't be too long before the blokes will be covered in pouches and unable to move! The new plates are proven to 3 x 7.62mm by 54mm Ball and are apparantly alot stronger than that (5 strikes being the norm). Still the addtional armour is not enough to stop PIR switched IED's, but then again there is not alot that is!!
Update...Found it....

13 Feb 2006. Quote...

Mr. Harper: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many troops in Iraq have been issued with improved coverage body armour. [50371]

Mr. Ingram [holding answer 9 February 2006]: There are three types of body armour used on Operation Telic. Enhanced combat body armour has been standard issue for all troops. Over 3,000 sets of enhanced personal protection equipment (known as 'Kestrel') have been issued to 'top cover' sentries. Following recent successful trials, the first 200 of over 9,000 sets of the improved performance body armour ('Osprey') have been despatched this month, with the remainder due in theatre by May.

End quote......

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