new cars and tour money,

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. well im on tour and after all my debts have been paid off im looking to buy a new car. trouble is i need some advice.

    i have had my licence for 4 years.

    i havent driven a car in 4 years. not even rovers.

    now my choices are get a hot hatch brand new all singing shiney new one from a tax free company. and learn to drive again in that,
    or get one from a show room that i am not too keen on trusting. iv heard too many nightmare stories. but is alot cheaper

    bearing in mind i am a complete car mong, has anyone got any advice? will i be wasting my money on a new car? or plouging money on parts into an old banger just for fear of crashing a brand new one.

    or plan c hitch a ride with my mates and invest my hard earned tour money into wall lubrication on a fritag and samstag nights


  2. Yeah don't bother with a new car from a showroom, they lose £2.000-£6.000 as soon as they leave the forecourt. I personally prefer something that's a little worn in, and though in life there are some stiff things I like ;) car seats are NOT one of them.

    Just shop around around at reputable used car dealers, and see what you fancy.

    Or go with Plan C ;)
  3. Easy,

    There will be salesmen lined up outside the aircraft as you touch down! And they will still love you in the morning....honest!

    1. Insurance - the hot hatch is going to kill you financially!
    2. Just by posting this, you have shown some financial sense.
    3. Do you need something for street-cred, just to get around or a load carrier?
    4. The best buy for someone in your position is probably a second-hand small diesel - it keeps the costs down. Look for a 2-3 year old car. If you don't like negotiating with salesmen, you would be better off going to a car supermarket. Take a car-savvy friend if possible. And walk away if you are unhappy with anything. Salesmen have to sell: you don't have to buy!
    5. Boring is best for the first few years whilst you build your experience and no-claims! You cannot consider yourself even remotely skilled until you have more than 70,000 miles under your tyres, IMHO!
    6. If I was pushed to recommend a small car, a bog standard Ford Focus or Fiesta is a good start. Polo or Golf. Corsa or Astra. A nieghbour has the new small Mitsubishi - funny looks but she raves about its usefulness. I would steer clear of French cars as they seem to depreciate more quickly than most!
    7. Try visiting the Back Room at Lots of sense there.

    Good luck.

  4. If you can visit BCA car auctions a lot of the cars are a few months old or still under warrenty and a good bargin to be had if you know what your looking for most 2nd hand car dealers buy from them last time I went 6-12mth old fiat punto's were £3.5 roughly .just go with someone who knows what they are looking out for
  5. I spent 8 years in that game mate, and can tell you the following:

    DO NOT buy brand new ..... waste of cash and will depreciate rapidly for the first 3 years ... so buy something 3 years old.

    DO go near the end of the month, salesmen have targets to hit, and its units sold not money made, so they will be more likely to deal with you favourably.

    DO take someone who knows about cars, check bodywork for badly repaired crash damage, and take a good test drive, not just up the road and back

    DO NOT but anything thats been modded, spoilers lamps etc etc... only one type of person owns these cars... c unts.

    any other advice feel free to PM me.
  6. Have I missed something or have tax free cars gone up in price so much tha they're no longer worth buying! :roll:

    Get yer arse down there and pick whatever you can afford then grin like feck as depreciation means sod all as you've paid buttons for it. Also no pissing about worrying if it's ok and dragging a mate who once read a copy of 'Car Mechanics' magazine with you.
  7. Easy.
    Plan C all the way. Get fcuking leathered.
    Coz the amount of money you are spending on shite on tour you will only have enough money left for a crate!
    Cars are overated, stick to your uni-cycle.
  8. do you really really need a car? or is it just to fanny around in and show off?

    buy something 3-4 yrs old...go for german or jap and you wont go wrong really.

    or you could invest your money in a mortgage and use your tour money as part of a deposit ? that will be the best use of your money in the long run...
  9. Say it with me. Renault Clio 172 Cup edn. Go for around 6-8 grand on good mileage, 172 BHP Ins gp 16. Fast as fook and goes like sh!t off!
  10. Suzuki GSXR 1100 best fun you can have with your clothes on
  11. to be honest with my job at the moment i work away a lot and found myself in the same situation, the way i put it is, is it really worth paying thousands for a car that i will use on my 2 days at home when im not drunk? thats a very small percentage of the time.

    u should just look for something cheap and reliable. You can probs pick up a volvo 440 diesil for about £200 and they last forever, failing that an astra/escort or suchlike is always cheap and parts are not hard to find at scrapyards.
  12. For about £800 you can get a good useful second hand car that will more than do for you until you get more experienced. Join the AA or RAC in case it's a bit iffy.Nobody will try to steal an old car and it doesn't matter if it sits on the car park while you do a tour. I'm running a 1989 Mercedes 190E that I gave £850 for . One careful lady driver (Used condoms and drove like a maniac).
  13. Err not quite, in fact the opposite! Mine was a 15 yr old fiesta and some chav scum stole it one night for a ride home!

    Old cars have cr*p security usually and are usually targeted like mine was! Not to say don't get one but invest in a visable wheel lock, even a cheapy £7 one from wilkinsons will make the oppertunist chav think twice..
  14. a further factor to bear in mind if you are in germany: German car insurance firms will only insure you on certain powerful cars if you are over 22 years old. When choosing your car, try and get a quote at the same time.
  15. Dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!!! i have seen your driving first hand and to be completely honest, Plan c is the one for you my dear !

    Or get a really fast car that way you probably wont feel a thing when you do go :D