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I need some help.....

I currently am in civvie st working for an IT company on a MOD contract, it has been muted around that the whole site & obviously jobs will go in around the next 2 years.
apart from a smattering of O-levels i have no real qualifications to boast about hence i started to look at other areas to gain employment in.
I spotted a previous post that had mentioned New Career Skills courses in plumbing (according to them the best way to get you up & running as a plumber asap!).

My problems are that i cant quit my job as i have a wife & mortgage, so i cant do a college course. I also work shifts so evening courses are out as well. The program they offer will fit in nicley allowing me to still earn while i learn... In all it does seem a little too good to be true, hence i am getting cold feet as i dont want to splash out a load of cash only to find out that the paper i have at the end is not worth the ink on it.

Are there any Plumbers on here that have experiance of this firm ? If you would'nt mind dropping me a PM as i realy need to talk to someone about it, even if you dont know about them if you could offer advice on getting into the trade, basically i need advice.

Many thanks CM.
You should be able to approach the training provider in question and ask for previous candidates contact details who have been through the process and become qualified themselves. This way you can actually talk to the people who have been through the exact process you are considering undertaking. If they don't provide you with the contact details of successful candidates then you have to ask yourself why.

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