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I am a currently serving soldier, with a technical trade in the RE. Having just returned from a laborious tour of shit jobs and near slavery levels of graft, and with the next three years of exercise and deployment looking like a carbon copy of the last three, I'm considering a change in career path. Having once dated a girl studying Radiography at Uni I found the subject quite interesting and more akin to my strengths at school, namely biology/physics I have held the idea of transfering at some point at the back of mind.

I'm aware there's a requirement for 220 UCAS points for student entry as a Radiographer, but as I don't seem to be able to find a straight answer on the web as to how many, if any, UCAS points my current quals equate to.

I have strong GCSE grades including a double A* in dual award Science and an A in IT but no A levels or equivalents. However, I do have a Level 3 City & Guids Certificate from my A2 trade course, and, if I was to complete my A1 as an engineer, I can potential earn a HNC in building studies.

If I were to look for a transfer, would the RAMC take into account my previous experiences as a serving soldier with a technical background and operational tour experiences, or would the lack of A levels automatically bar me from application?

Also from what I can gather from this site, there is a Radiographer board sat in Feb each year for a Sept intake? If so, what does this board/assesment involve?

Any help from those in the know would be greatly appreciated.


The entry requirements for radiographers change regularly and it is now 260 UCAS points from a maximum of 3 A levels. If you have not done so already look at the UCAS website and they should give some idea of the qualifications you need as a mature student as not having A levels will not automatically bar you.
With regards to taking into consideration your previous technical background or operational experience, it is your academic potential/qualifications that will get you to board the rest should give you confidence to convince the panel that you will make a good military radiographer.
Interview process involves writing an essay, giving a 10-15 min presentation on a given subject and an interview with the Head and Deputy Head of cadre alongside RAMC recruting and a representative from the university. Depending on the number of applicants this board takes place over 1 or 2 days. As the cadre is now fully manned recruiting has been reduced currently to 1 per year although this can change for a variety of reasons.
All applicant qualifications are vetted by the university through the Deputy Head of cadre before interview so if you are seriously interested you can apply through your RCMO. I will also send you a pm


good luck mate, Im seriously consideing going to uni to study medicine - got 4 Alevels, never used then in the navy and about time ~I did - good luck mate, funnily enough, this thread has slightly spurred me on so thank you.
If I were to look for a transfer, would the RAMC take into account my previous experiences as a serving soldier with a technical background and operational tour experiences

No, your op tours as an RE soldier wouldnt have any bearing on your capability as a radiographer!

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