New Career Foul?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by swats20, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Hello and thanks for looking

    Firstly, I had my SJAR sent off to Glasgow and it wasn't even looked at as apparently I wasn't qualified (apparently)
    I had completed all parts of CLMs to qualify and handed the relevant to the clerks to action and they actioned it as a TA qualification. As a regular soldier, it didn't flash up on the system in Glasgow so my SJAR got passed over.
    So when I returned from overseas and I questioned where I had placed on the board and got told I wasn't qualified. Everything got rectified with JPA and I got selected for for promotion to Sgt on the 4th October, which was 3 days into the new promotion year for Sgts. I got informed by Glasgow via my 2IC that there were no slots for me to wear and that I would get promoted by 30th Sept 2013.

    This is where it starts to get confusing...
    I made a few phone calls around the country and managed to find an available slot for promotion and went through my RCMO to inform Glasgow there was a slot available.
    I got told I wasn't allowed to take that slot as I was going on tour and the unit needed me for tour, but Glasgow would promote me to acting Sgt for tour so I didn't lose out on seniority or experience in rank.
    I got put on my SCLM to make sure that when I was promoted I would be substantive Sgt and I had the necessary qualifications for tour. I got promoted to Acting Sgt on 4th Feb 2013 and was due to deploy the first week of April.
    A week before I was due to deploy, I ended up getting injured and was unable to deploy on operations, so I was reverted back to being a Cpl as there were no PIDS available for me to keep the rank.
    I have been informed by my RCMO that if I can't get fit and pass fitness tests by 30th Sept, I will be deselected for promotion, even though I am qualified with career courses (I am still on the sick and due to have an operation very soon)

    I hope someone can please shed some light on this as I have been given A LOT of conflicting information and have no idea where to turn to get the correct information.

    Thanks for reading my wall of text and any information would be greatly appreciated.
    (also, sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am a Recovery Mechanic after all)
  2. Thats not a proper career foul! A career foul is being promoted and posted (out of Corps) with a line number only to be put into a completely different line number in a different duty station by the CO of that station in collusion with the tacit approval of the individuals Most Senior Corps Officer in theatre; this was to maintain a 'below counter' arrangement between two desks of MCM. To compound this you then protest for 18 months that you are in the wrong post and subordinate to a fool, being denied access to the courses required to fulfill the needs of the 'original posting' and in order to career progress in that particular stream only then to discover that MCM had no clue that you were being mis-employed in the wrong duty station. Finally after having unsuccessfully attempted to transfer out of Corps to another Corps and despite having passed the course and been re-badged (Int Corps) you then find yourself back in the original Corps try that ****** and see how well it goes down!
  3. Hang on, so where was the Sgts PID that they promoted you into if there were no slots available?

    Something about this doesn't read right?
  4. we were short of a wo2 for tour, so everyone bumped up a rank and a sgt slot opened up for me... otherwise i would have gone to Kandahar as the PID there was rank ranged from cpl-sgt for tour...
  5. I couldnt work out if you had passed your CLM Pt 1 (SNCO) if you havent then that is probably why you will be de-selected. You may have a case though to have your acting rank extended as there appears to be a couple of extenuating circumstances. The acting rank extension usually covers you to the end of the next CLM Pt 1 that you'll be loaded onto. (Caveat - Different Corps may be slightly different though).
  6. I have all career courses done and SCLM passed. I am qualified for being a fully substantive Sgt.
    I was a Cpl when I did my SCLM and got given my Acting Sgt 4th Feb...
  7. You won't get posted or promoted until you are MFD but it is worth requesting that your promotion window is extended via the RCMO due to your circumstances. Nothing ventured..

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  8. well i am a Cpl again, although i haven't offically been demoted... i got promoted to acting sgt on a parade in front of the company and since i got injured i have been referred to as cpl again... should i have been demoted offically by an OC?
  9. Fcuking hell, best army in the world.
  10. I bring your attention to point b in my last promotion letter from APC, I believe this is where you fall short of being granted substansive rank and as you are no longer deploying the acting rank will no longer be a factor.

    "The above named person has been selected for promotion to the substansive rank of **** with effect from ***** with a senority date of ***** provided that:

    a. He continues to be recommended for promtion in appraisal reports.

    b. He continues to meet the minimum medical standard required for employment within CEG (If the individual's JMES is other than MFD, **** Div is to be consulted immediately).

    c. He is qualified for substansive promotion

    d. Blah Blah Blah

    e. Blah More Blah that isnt relevant to you........."
  11. Talk to your RCMO or OC - the OC can write to APC to arrange for (what is in effect) an extension to the promotion year for you to get fit enough to pass the relevant tests. Make sure you are being proactive in terms of rehab (even pre-op) and show willing as it will back up your case.

    I recall writing a similar letter (or submitting a form?) in the past for a Cpl promoted to Sgt - it worked.

    It's not a career foul (not fit therefore no promotion) - but the system has mechanisms to help you get the promotion which the board awarded you. As above -show willing and work hard, it will help you a lot more than becoming embittered.
  12. Ouch. Welcome back to R Sigs, may your bullsh!t be aplenty.