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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Tom9748, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Picked up a new car last week and was offered a super coating which would be put onto the car and it would not need polishing supposedly for a couple of years only the odd wash,all for £300!!!,gave that one a miss.
    I saw a bloke putting some of this super type stuff last year at a garage onto a car,looked like the orange floor polish we used to buff the floors up as a crow,does anyone know what it is called? I'm sure it cant cost as much as these robbing fookers where trying to charge me.
  2. Can't remember the name either, but I had it on my car last year for free, plus the ScotchGuard stuff.

    Washing the car's a doddle now as I really only just have to point the hose at it and it looks like it's been polished to the nth degree and the ScotchGuard saved the upholstry twice at least.

    I recommend it.

    Edited to add that it's DiamondBrite on mine.
  3. its a rip off mate! in reality the protection lasts about three months!! the main name of this kinna protection is sure guard!

    if you wanna protect your car clean it, polish it then wax it! it really does pay off
  4. I agree with Gary, it's a waste of cash.
  5. I think it fair to say it is a genuine product, not some made up fantasy thing that wont work, but is vastly overpriced. It is aimed at those too busy or too lazy to give thier car a good wash at the weekend once a month or so.

    I find that if I use a quality polish once a month and simply use turtle wax car shampoo on the intervening washes, it always comes up looking shiney and new. Of course, I probably use about £50 in cleaning products per year plus all the time spent so £300 for sommething that is supposed to last for a year or more with no effort maybe isnt too bad of a deal after all.
  6. Just saw the posts that came on while I was typing my last. Clearly not worth the money then. Buy yourself some AutoGlym.
  7. theres no doubt it works! however it dosnt quite do what it says on the tin!!!

    a once a month wash and wax will have your car in a brilliant condition!

    there is many sealants on the market (which i believe work in the same maner as this protection!) and they are all reasonably priced! this site will give you the best advice around ! i know its geeky but its an ocd thing most squaddie petrolheads suffer from
  8. Land Rover flog a system called Supaguard. The outside, seats and mats etc are coated so you don't need to spend hours polishing the paint work or cleaning the inside, apparently? cost £441 inc vat last's 3 years.
  9. It is possible to get this treatment done inside and out for less than a ton. Ask around and do some research.
  10. After spending a couple of years on a ceremonial sqn Im quite used and happy to do the old bulling bit myself.Ill go down the path of some decent wax and a couple of hours of bulling every now and again.Handing over 300 of my hard earned would have broke my heart!
  11. Given that the materials for Supergard et al cost not much more than £60 and it's about 2 hours labour the costs charged by dealers is a veritable money-spinner for them. For mine I used Autoglym: first a wash, then a coating of polish (super resin polish or ultra high gloss) followed by Extra Gloss Protection. Lasts about a year being needing to be reapplied. Washing restores shine in the interim. Cost of all about £23 (not including self-labour of about 2 or so hours).
  12. Spend the money on a decent supply of Autoglym or Mequires and you will get the same result. Had it applied to my MINI when it was new, worked for about a month or two but once winter set in and the gritters were out, it quickly wore off and I went back to using elbow grease and decent wax.
  13. I was really sceptical about this one:" greased lightning"(showroom shine)

    But it has really impressed, not so much as a polish, the car's still get mooky, but for removing tar, birdshit, etc bloody brilliant. Also cleans and forms a smooth surface on ,tiles, cupboard doors, and mega on glass showers, windows. Alittle bit pricey but a few suppliers appearing on e-bay.A bottle goe's a long long way.
  14. Looking for a thread on car wax and found this. I've always used Autoglym but i've noticed looking around loads of new stuff, websites about 'detailing' which seems to be a made up word for cleaning your car.
    What new products have you used and how good are they?
    I'm getting a new car soon and wasn't fobbed off with the wax mentioned at the start of this thread but I do want to give it a good waxing when I get it and want to avoid scratches.