New car spec not as ordered, where do I stand?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Dog_Egg_Farmer, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Ok here's the quandry, sorry about the story length entry!

    In March this year I ordered the New Jag XF through Sennelager mil sales, one week after the order was placed I went back in and adjusted the order adding Xenon headlights. The car is due delivery in September.

    Now anyone that has had the pleasure of dealing with the sales chap in Senelager will know that he is a very charming fellow and quite pleasant, however his communication skills leave a lot to be desired, ie. He is a pain in the arse to get him to call you back or get details for you etc.

    So, today I called his office to get a copy of the final invoice/order form from him (yes its taken 2 months to get it) However he is on holiday, so rang the head honcho in Reihndahlen (apologies for spelling) He informs me that an invoice will be on its way sharpish, out of interest I ask him to confirm all extras and it turns out that there are no Xenons on the order. He then informs me that the car came off the assembly line last weekend and could not be retro fitted with them. He states that he has an order form with my flick on it which doesnt have the Xenons on it (this was the origional order form before I added the lights) His attitude then turned to one of like it or lump it, cars been made!

    So......As much as I'd like to drive up to the Honchos office and constrict his windpipe, I cant be arsed to drive all that way! So, where do I stand? Has he got me over a barrel as he has my signiture on the old order form? I never signed a new one when I added the lights as the sennelager chap added it on his comp terminal whilst I was there, I cant check with him at present as he is golfing it somewhere. The wife was present when I added the lights so I have her as a witness.

    Can I tell em to shove the motor and give me what I ordered? Or shall I just bend over and let them drive it up my arse cause I'm screwed?
  2. My mate had a problem with a landrover he ordered. Arrived at dealership and he simply rejected it

    Have you paid the full amount?
  3. Did you pay for Xenon Lights?

    Did you get WRITTEN confirmation of the amendment?

    If not, jog on...
  4. Do you have anything in writing confirming your change to the original order?
  5. Aha! The old got it in writing thingmy!
    In short......Nope! So I guess I'm pissing into the wind here. Oh well, live and learn.
    Top tip for anyone buying from Sennelager jaguar/Lrover sales, GET IT IN WRITING! Several times and then a few more!
    Only deposit paid so far, remainder due in August. Too many extras added for them to give car to someone else, will just have to make them give me some extraordinary freebies! Or a couple of maglights to harry black to the bonnet :D
  6. Bolluxx. A verbal contract is as good as a written one. The salesman told you he had amended your order on the computer. He clearly had'nt, so he's at fault, not you.

    Don't like it or lump it. why is everybody so fcuking pussy whipped these days? Phone him up and tell him its got to have the xenon lights or he can stick it up his hoop and you want your deposit back. He has breached the contract, not you.

    If he values your custom and his commission he'll sort it out. And as for that bolleaux about Xenons can't be retro-fitted, that sounds like shite. I've been buying basic spec cars and upgrading them later with factory parts for years. Sometimes I do it myself, sometimes I pay someone else to do it for me.
  7. You're going to need to speak with the bloke in Sennelager first mate. Have you paid a deposit? If he confirms that the lights were ordered and it transpires that the car arrives without them, as a consumer, you don't need to accept the car. It matters not if you have signed anything. If he calls you a lying twat and denies all knowledge of your later order, don't sweat it.

    Check your PM's
  8. Where do you stand? I'd imagine on the forecourt waiting for you car..

    (I'm the bloke waiting for the taxi...)
  9. The Tax Free Car Dealers who deal with us all in Germany are a right bunch of losers who will happily screw Joe Squaddy for lots more than he/she can afford and then deny any 'buy back' promise 12 months later.

    Do the right thing, publicise it in Sixth Sense, naming and shaming the dealership, the salesman and the twat who fobbed you off. Won't help you much but may help others
  10. I did the same with a Freelander I ordered - the spec was totally wrong so I walked away (only paid a nominal deposit of 100 squidlies). The sales rep was speechless!

    In the event I took possesion of a new SWB Shogun two days later for only a few grand extra and never looked back
  11. That may or may not be true. It may be that the xenon lights run on a different voltage. This is sometimes achieved with extra gubbins within the lights, however, it may require a unique harness (wiring loom) in which case, it would be very expensive.

    It could go either way.

  12. Whoa folks!
    Dont worry I'm not just going to let this one lay, I cant do anything until matey gets back, anyone that knows him will know that he's not the most robust backboned fella. Therefore i will put on the pressure and see what may, even if he agrees that I had ordered them they cant retrofit the xenons so will have to what options are open to me.
    At the end of the day a sales rep has made a mistake, I'm not out of pocket so I doubt Jaguar will push this one onto someone else. I very much doubt they will build another car with all the extras again just for the lights. At the very least i'll be after some..I mean, lots of extras.
  13. granted. Its not always do-able. But I don't buy the bits until I know it can be done anyway. I'm thinking of putting in rear parking sensors in my car, presently and want the Ford standard ones, but might go for a 3rd party option.
  14. When you fit the Xenons do you also fit headlight washer jets? By all accounts there is legislation that states Xenons must have washer jets fitted, in Blighty its supposed to be MOT failure if the're not. Well, thats was Jags explaination to me yesterday as to one of the reasons they are not retro fittable.
  15. Why do you want xenons, they are expensive to repair,replace when they go bang