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I'm going to admit now to knowing next to nothing about cars. In fact, my total knowledge is probably gleamed from Top Gear and snippets of conversations from other people.

That being said, I'm looking to get rid of my '78 MGB GT for something a little more... practical. It is, bar a Mini, the only car I've ever owned, so it'll be painful, but the time has finally come.
I've been reliably informed I can get around £1400 for it, so if I give myself around a 2 - 2.5K budget, what can I expect to get?

Usual requirements: Kit, girlfriend, kit, dog, kit.

Many thanks guys,

Well ive had a few cars and by far the most practical car I have had and best runner is Volkswagen Golf Ive had 3 of em and they ARE the dogs. I had a 2x 1.9tdi with 160,000 and they both ran sweet as a nut, not rust and was a amazing now I have a 1.6 petrol and ive clocked up 110,000 and is quite and is amazing..
The room in them is fantasic Im 6ft3" and I have a 5 door model and can have a full car with out complaints. The boot space is massive our you'll have no struggle with your kit or dog
For £2000 - 2500 you can get a very tidy MK4 Golf with low milage and all the rest :D
Lil friendly word of advice try and find one with a full service history or as near as possible

Good Luck!
I'd agree about the golf, ours is 10 years old and going strong, still doing 50-60 mpg (TDI)but I have found it not big enough including kit, go for the estate, boots a good bit bigger.
I've had loads of cars but my favourite was a W124 Mercedes Benz 230 te estate. I got it with about 117,000 miles on the clock and did about 20,000 miles on it. It was 15 years old when I got it and the only drama I had on it was rain coming in the passenger footwell (a grommet in the bulkhead had perished-easily sorted) and rain shorting the electrics (fusebox getting wet, common problem again easily sorted)

It has all the gadgets you need, an auto-box, 7 seats, a built in roof rack and the biggest boot ever with the seats down!

It was the most comfortable car I have had. Fuel economy wasn't great but ok. And its the sort of car that people don't care about its age.

I only got rid due to a Cyprus posting. For the money you mention you should be able to find a well-sorted example.
I've got a '98 Peugeot 406 estate and it is the most comfortable I ever had ánd the boot is one of the biggest to get in estate land.
You could easily (if you drop the backseat) get the kit of 2 squaddies in.
It clocked over 160.000 km but still runs like a dream.
I just don't have the heart to sell it for a newer car because I'm not sure if it will bring me more pleasure than my 406.


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