new car 3.5k budget

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brettarider, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. The red shed AKA my SEAT Toledo is costing me a fortune at the minute to keep on the road so I'm looking at a new car 3.5k max due a company car in a few months but just want something to run around in and then re-sell

    Not arsed as long as I can get 2 dogs in it pref diesel and would even look at people carriers/Mazda Bongo's

    Open floor fella's
  2. just you or family too?
  3. Just me mate but sometimes the G/F as well
  4. fiat coupe 16v turbo..... look up the spec... v.nice motors if u can get the insurance and keep it on the road without killing yourself off

    forgot to add, completely impractical, no boot really, heavy on the juice, expensive bodywork, oh and its a fiat...
  5. Bloody hell Brett just go along to few garages etc, they can't move fk all at the moment.

    3.5k this month will get you what 5k would have got last July.

    Just let them know you've cash to burn etc and they'll being licking your balls to do you a deal :D
  6. You can buy an 03/0 reg Vectrad diesel for that money, or even better a diesel Renault Laguna which are a damned nice car for a run around.
    You will get one from a big dealer for that money with a decent warranty and well prepped.
  7. Dont want a vauxhall if I can help it as had 2 before and both had engine management faults plus might be getting one as a company car and heard Renaults arent very good in the reliability stakes boss has one and he's had a nightmare with 1
  8. Just bought a 2002 honda accord 2.3i. Leather and electric everything £2900. Built like a tank, was meant to be a temporary stop gap, but love it so much that the mini clubman has been cancelled.
  9. Had a pug GLX might have a look at another one your link wants a lot of money considering it's nearly 9 years old!
  10. If you search the link, there's a high milage diesel coupe :)
  11. Head up to the car auction in Glasgow both dealers have some nice motors kicking around. Avoid Sir Arnold Clark though, his repair side just laugh and tell you to fook off no help at all for anything.
  12. Not sure why you'd want a car with an open floor (maybe a fan of Fred Flintstone) but have a look at this: