New Canadian Commando Regiment

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

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  2. It's good to see the Canadian Armed Forces finally getting some resources after all the years of cuts and neglect. Canadians are a good bunch to have around in a tight spot. Are there any further plans to epxand the Candian military or is this a one off. If memory serves the new government advocated rebuilding the forces in the recent federal elections.
  3. Will they be going out to the Lebanon or to Somalia to help?
  4. They're still going on about adding 25,000 troops over five years - 15,000 Reg F and 10,000 Reservists (all this info is in the public domain e.g. all our daily papers, and doesn't affect OPSEC).

    CSOR is a good concept, but all our battalions are understrength now and we are hitting the wall as some 30%+ of all NCMs are able to retire this year and next.

    But, at least the light is on at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, it ain't a train.

    As for heading off to Lebanon - not likely, but not impossible. Most likely scenario would be a few token observer officers.
  5. I have only but good things to say about the Canadian army . Top Notch .
    Shame they have a pinko government , hopefully it will be sorted soon .
  6. Oh Yeaaarrss and yeeeaaarrrs ago when I was a cadet I took part in the Wilderness Leadership UKLF cadet exchange at Petawawa (I won't say I did the course cos the Canadian kids were much harder worked that we were, theye were at it all summer and did far more than the potted version we got).

    We did a canoing trip up river (or lake as it really is at that point) and the staff organised a smoker for us the night before we were to paddle back. They got us a couple of slabs of soft drinks and a slab of beer. The chief instructor put them in the river, wedged behind some rock to stop them floating off, and left them there to cool till the grub was ready. When we went back the beer had gone. Petawawa had the previous incarnation of the Airbourne their at the time and the theory was that theyd sneaked in and nicked the beer and left us with the awful root-beer.

    That said I had a great time on that exchange......
  8. Invicta,

    I don't think that anyone has thought far enough along the road to figure out what to do with these troops if we get them. Our training system can't handle the influx and we don't have the accommodation or other facilities (mess halls, med staff, etc) to provide the needed services to these troops. Things are so bad that at one of our bigger training centres, soldiers aren't quartered in barracks, but the CF is paying a college to quarter them in university dormitories. Not bad for the troopies as they are well paid and have lots of spare time to chase the university fluff. But, bad for the service as the troops are doing bugger all and are awaiting up to three years for basic trades training. And these are just our normal intake of recruits and doesn't factor in these mysterious 25,000 folks allegedly waiting to sign up.

    It is to weep, but when the offr and NCO corps were sounding the alarms back in the 90s, we were told to STFU. Now there is a problem, and guess who is expected to sort it out - hint, the answer is not "the politicians".
  9. Good luck on getting 25,000 new soldiers

    The recruiting in Canada is a joke to say the very least and their standards are way to picky.
  10. I don't know your exact situation but I can tell you the whole recruiting process has been overhauled. When I first looked into 'transferring' from the british army to the canadian, I was told to expect upwards of 2 years wait (at least!!) until I could be signed on. Within a month of an ombudsmans report on the forces, I'd now be able to sign on within a couple of months! and the only thing holding me back is my years notice I have to give to the british army.
  11. I was chatting to so Canadians not long ago, they are taking overseas soldiers aswell I believe and have some pretty good incentives.

    Good bunch of blokes (even the Francophiles). Shame the governments of the time cut them back so much, but hopefully they will spring back if allowed too.

  12. Who ever is telling you that you can join in 2 months is full of crap.

    Expect lenghtly delays due to them loosing paperwork or the even more fun one where they just leave it sitting on a desk collecting dust or where they don't bother to call you to tell you not to show up for your scheduled test because they don't have you paperwork.

    For a canadian to join it takes atleast 6 months.

    I have to hand it to them they sure do put on a good show and sound very convincing but nothing has changed as far as recruiting goes and try their best to not hire people.
  13. This is what I like about you Wotan. You speak truth.

    Back in the '70s and '80s the offr and NCO corps were sounding the alarms, and Disney North came up with a myriad of '5 year plans' which generally sounded good but at the end of each 5 year plan the big result was just another 5 year plan.
    The '90s realised great 'Social experimentation' for the CF
    The alarm sounding really began as far back as the mid 60's especially the advent and aftermath of 'Unification'
  14. Funnily enough I know several Canadians who really do believe that Canada should scrap all its armed forces and use the money for important stuff instead.

    These people are not a strange breed Canada has plenty of them who truely think this would be a good idea.
  15. We have the same military budget as Isreal and Canada can barely sustain 2,000 deployed troops also the Canadian Army still manages to have equiptment shortages too.

    I have no idea where the money goes because its not like they are crusing around in F22 raptors, M1 abrams and apaches or even blackhawks or chinooks and I had to pay for my own haircuts, food, and place to sleep when I was in there.

    You think that its absurd that people think the army should be scrapped but its proably equaly absurd to think that throwing money at the problem is gonna somehow fix it when it will be the same people incharge who have run the army into the ground over the years.