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My CCF contingent has just taken in a new bunch of cadets. For the most part, they are enthusiastic but largely clueless...something we will soon rectify. However, one new cadet has been a member of another ACF for a year, and seems to know the basics. This is stopping the other newbies getting a chance to learn for themselves.
My question is this: Should he be moved up to train with more experienced cadets, and be vulnerable to bullying, or be held back by the rest of the intake?

Any help would be appreciated!!
Outsider's advice:

1. Train according to ability. Getting an experienced cadet to start at the bottom (unless he/she particularly wants to) could land you with an ex-cadet.

2. If your new cadet isn't quite switched on enough to train with the more experienced cadets but is proving to be a bit of a know-all (to the detriment of the others), give him the job of "demonstrator" during lessons.

3. Bullying? Are your AI's and cadet NCOs not taking their responsibilities seriously?


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The entire CCF manual is equal to two star in the ACF.

The ACF is geared up (historically) to a training regime that ran for two nights per week (7 hours) over about 45 weeks of the year as well as 22 days spread over weekends and annual camp.

The CCF was aimed at a lot less hours.

If this guy/girl has done a year in the ACF you should talk to his former detachemnt commander about the training and attendance. If he/she was a regular attender at evenings and weekends as well as being switched on then you should be looking at putting them in at the same level as CCF who have done 2 years.

If he has done basic and half of one star then he will be familiar with cooking in the field, basha building, duties of a sentry, basics of the GP, cam and consealment.

He should be used as a conduit for information to the cadets and encouraged.....he is a future cadet CSM in the making.

My other thought is that if he has been trained by platoon staff who are ex regulars then he may be better trained than some of the teacher/officers who are not ex military and so may need some shielding from these "conscripts".
Maninblack wrote:

The CCF was aimed at a lot less hours.
Well of course, dear boy, public school chaps are going to pick things up far more quickly!
Update: Have spoken to his OC at ATC, who is planning to promote hime to cpl soon. We will be honouring that, and as such he will be training with others of the same rank and ability as himself. Thanks for the help!
Oh and BTW, several of our NCOs have recently decided that they do not enjoy CCF, but are unable to leave for another few weeks. And several of our current cadets are the most violent ever to grace our corps!

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