New Cadet rifle

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by fahya, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. I hear that a new cadet rifle is being made.
    Apart from being semi-automatic I know nothing!
    Do You?
  2. the rifles are allready 'made'.......... the 'new' cadet rifles are going to be A1s brought up to A2 specs, and in semi-auto only.

    so true. :wink:
  3. will they have the new cocking handle
  4. no, they have just welded a 6 inch nail on the fekin side...........
  5. If they have been brought up to A2 specs then yes they should have, otherwise they are not A2's!
  6. As long as those cocking handles are gone i'm happy.
  7. Due to rising costs it is now a 4 inch nail.

    Don't hold your breath though i bet the tight bastards reduce it to 2inch nails before you know it. :wink:
  8. Mr Dingerr, you are normally mister on the spot when it comes to all things ammo / weapons oriented but I have to pick you up on this. It may well become a 2 inch nail but more importantly, it will be a 'recovered' nail. They're getting a job lot when they demolish Chelsea barracks.

    T C
  9. Wahoo at last! Those A1's break ALOT! Mainly becuase a few cadets are too weak too even lift them at Prone Position, which asks me, why did they sign up???
  10. I disagree.

    I'm no good with weapons. Just a sad ammo man. :D
  11. Cos all the cadet are normaly around the age of 14 and not big manly specimens like you so "obviosly" are.
  12. Due to rising costs the cocking handle has been removed completely and a small hole into which you can insert your finger to cock it has been introduced. It also eliminates the chances of little Timmy getting smacked by the little bastard when he fcuks it up.
  13. What happens when he fires it with his finger still in it? 8O

    Or is that filed under the same thought that led to "don't need a flash hider cos the cadets will be able to fit bayonets and rifle grenades!" leave it off noone will care that you can't fit a BFA!

    P.S. i know it was a light hearted comment 8)
  14. As timmy is a 14 probably a 14 year old you can use in your defence "I told the little F*&^%ing B4574rd " to make sue his hand as nowhere near it but TEENAGERS will never listen will they ;)