New Brown Boots issue

Hello there. I know there are a lot of posts about the new boots but couldn't find what I was looking for. My question is should i buy a new pair of black boots ( the issue black ones don't like my feet haha) before the new issue or is this a bit pointless? Also I was wondering if anyone has gotten them issued yet or sized at all? Also I'm TA so if it's anything like mtp was should I expect the new boots anytime soon?
The new brown boots will be coming to the TA soon. QMs are using up stocks of black boots first then browns are going to be issued. So I wouldn't bother buying any boots yet.
Seen a few people wearing those about the place. Was going to spend a few ££ on a pair of altbergs but for the money I think ill wait and see. Apparently my unit is going to size us up in the next month or two for the brown boots anyway :)
I am hoping that my unit start issuing the new brown boots soon. My combat assaults are crumbling faster than the operation Yew Trees suspects careers.
We've been issued the goretex and keep getting I coked back for the boots, it's an "as and when your CABs need replacing" for the new boots once they've used up all the existing stocks of various black boots.

As an aside has anyone tried replacing bits of PLCE? AIUI there are various problems with that as well.

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Recently i was shown paperwork that displayed Bicester / Donningtons stock levels of CAB, Plenty of sizes 4 to 7 and 11 to 14 and in most width fittings but when it came to popular sizes the cupboard was bare.

We are now issuing a mix of whatever is available, Mix of CAB / Pro Boot (Grey lined) and also A2 stock as required.

No dramas with PLCE components, Bergens readily available. Received an email from our RQMS with NSN's of items on dues out etc, it featured the NSN for MTP Bergen (Not the 45 L daysack) but it also advised they were withdrawn as failed quality testing and the DPM PLCE contract extended for another 2 years,, This was however 3 or 4 months ago.

Supply response for ' brown boots' of both flavours that replace CAB was FDA 20/09/2013.


does this mean that black boots will soon be outlawed, or can we wear them to end of useful life? Finally got a pair that are like slippers and not happy with swapping over for a CGS fashion craze.

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